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How does ShareASale work?

How does ShareASale work?

To put it in a short sentence, the publisher(you) first signs up for ShareASale. Once you get approval, you can log in and can have access to thousands of Merchants (companies) like WPRocket, Grammarly, etc.

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Your search for a Merchant that matches your niche and applies for their program. Once you get the Merchant’s approval, you will be also to access their links, banners, etc. Now you can put those links on your site/social media and once any sales are generated using those links, you will get the commission.

Many fashion bloggers, food bloggers, Home Decorations bloggers, and many more have joined ShareASale affiliate programs and are earning a good sizeable amount. It is not limited to the bloggers, many online retailers have also gotten benefits from ShareASale.

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How to Use Shareasale and Generate Money with Your WordPress Site

Optimizing Your WordPress Website for Shareasale


While you can put Shareasale links into any WordPress post or insert affiliate banners anywhere on your website, you won’t earn any money if users don’t click through.

Four steps can help boost the impact of your WordPress site and increase your affiliate earnings:

  1. Choose a high-quality hosting service that’s reliable, fast, and regularly updates your WordPress site to the newest version.
  2. Pick a simple domain name that clearly communicates what your page is about. For example, if you write a fitness blog, make sure to include common terms related to that market niche in your WordPress domain name.
  3. Select a WordPress theme that’s easy to navigate and matches the tone and style of your posts.
  4. Find and promote products that appeal to your visitors. If you’re running a popular fitness blog, make sure you’re linking to merchants that provide things like healthy eating options, fitness equipment, or training services.

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