All tricks to win customers from the 99designs

firstly Before starting to explain how to win customers from the 99designs Affiliate freelancer.

First to those who do not know the site 99designs is a site for competitions to design logos or interfaces and also other sites for companies and winning design wins the prize money ranging from $ 100 and up to $ 10,000 sometimes Full explanation of the 99designs site for winning design. 

Explain how to win customers from the 99designs Affiliate freelancer 

Firstly the idea of how to win customers is to send a special message at 99designs website to the owners of the website design contestants.

When they choose the appropriate design for them after the end of the competition period they may need, for example, those who cut and design them, or what is known as PSD to HTML or to convert the design from the design of PSD to WordPress or phrase … in this case will need you and also may use your services.

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For those who fit the 99designs website?

This is an important question.

Those who want to exploit this trick need to be familiar with some programming languages or design and most importantly

  • knowledge of photoshop program
  • Full knowledge of how to cut the site of photoshop
  • Full knowledge of HTML or XHTML with CSS
  • Good knowledge of Javascript and the jQuery Library
  • Understand the basics of PHP at the very least
  • Familiar with how to deal with templates in the most important open source scripts like WordPress. Jumla …

Application method

To be easy to understand, then we will explain in details

The first step

First, we have to get an account at 99designs website by free registration  designers and you  know how to create an account in this video

The second step

Directly go to the page contests


99designs website


select any competition as we want


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username for competitor


send message to a competitor


The codon is a styled design

Very Important Notes:

  • To get a client you need to have at least 10 web design contestants
  • You should write a short and also clear message without putting the price down. Just refer to what it provides a coding service
  • Very important to your previous work, he will never trust you if you do not give him previous work experience
  • Be very precise in your work and time
  • If you apply the entire lesson to the letter, you are guaranteed at least 2 to 3 clients per week

Other ways to profit from design

Participation in design competitions

And Frankly, the most wonderful way to profit from design.

But for great talent by virtue of competition. The idea of this type is based on the competition of many designers in the design of a specific request explained by the owner of the competition chooses one design winner of the award has been set in advance, a sum of money is very good compared to free market prices in the design.

The design of the site interface only set him between $ 500 and $ 3000 and this is a very good profit. if we assume that you win only a contest in the whole month

Get customers through foreign brokerage sites

These sites put your hands as fantastically of customers to confine them. But there is a very tough competition that needs hard work at first. But among its advantages is that it is guaranteeing and also cannot circumvent either by the client or by your side.

then It is 100% guaranteed payment. such as these sites
freelancer Ranked 354 in the world ranking site, Alexa.

and how to profit from freelancer and Thousands of customers have opportunities to drive customers.

and also Odesk’s ranking in Alexa is 439 which is the same idea as the first site.

Finally, Guru ranks above the millennium but fulfils the purpose and is also the same idea

Source: Wikipedia

Here in details how to make money in 99design

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