The Canadian Securities Commission approves the first investment fund based on Blockchain

In a move that is the first of its kind in Canada. The Securities Commission of Ontario approved the first investment fund based on Blockchain in the country. Which is scheduled to start on the Toronto Stock Exchange next week.

Blockchain in Canadian

The Canadian Securities Commission approves the first investment fund based on Blockchain

Harvest Portfolios, an independent Canadian investment management company. Has submitted the initial papers to establish the first investment fund and trading based on Blockchain in January. In order to provide an opportunity for Canadian investors to invest and trade in Blockchain technology market.

The fund will invest in “equity securities” and aims to track. The performance of exporters in both large and emerging sectors of the Blockchain.

Companies that will benefit from this News

According to Globe & Mail, the approval is good news for two other companies. First Trust Portfolios Canada and Evolve Funds Group Inc..

which also seek to launch similar funds based on pluchen. These two companies are the initial papers for the establishment of two Lukashenko-based funds for trading and trading for lawmakers in Canada this week.

Speaking to Carl Cheung, president of First Trust Portfolios Canada with Globe & Mail, he said: “All of our interviews with our clients – regardless of whether we’re talking about a Canadian stock producer or a US stock producer – inevitably lead to a discussion about Blockchain or bitcoin “.

Reflecting the fact that the economy of encoded digital currency and blockbuster has begun to impose itself in the global money market.

Evolve Funds Group Inc. claims that its own Balkan-based investment and trading fund, known as LINK. Will be the first “active management” available to Canadian investors. This product will enable the company to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the industry.

The company said in a statement that its fund would invest in “shares of companies involved in research and development of the use of plocene and decentralized applications, as well as devices using blockchain technology.”

BlockMesh Networks Project Using Blockchain and Ethereum

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Blockchain in Canadian

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