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How to Add AMP to website step by step

Why did Google create AMP project and How to Add AMP? With the increase and widespread and great use of mobile in the world to surf the Internet. It’s essential to make your mobile browsing experience unique. Initially by making the sites mobile-friendly and then making them fast. This was Google’s primary goal in improving the user experience. In a small screen the user should see the content of the page and not wait too long for the page to appear.

How to Add AMP

How to add AMP to website?

For bloggers, forums and other platforms, it is not easy to make your site work with AMP because the project is in its infancy and development is under way. I am sure that all problems will be resolved in the near future. If you have development experience you can visit Google’s explanations about designing an HTML page with simple step by step.

If you’re using WordPress, it’s very simple. I will explain how to Add AMP to website step by step.

Go to Control Panel and go to Additions >>

Add New >> Then look for AMP.

You will see the official addition in the first result, this is the page added AMP WordPress.

After installing and activating the add-on.

Go to “Permalinks” And click Save Changes to re-create a new database containing AMP links.

Now AMP is ready on your site, working properly, and you can try any page by adding AMP to the last link, as an example:

  • The original page link is:
  • The page link that works with amp is:

How does the AMP work

Accelerated Mobile Pages works to ease the Load Time page. To make navigation between pages easy and simple. It relies on open source HTML AMP to make web pages lightweight Even if these pages contain images, videos, ads. maps and social plug-ins, watch this video about the navigation after the AMP project:

Activate this feature in our sites by replacing the HTML code, for example:

<img> Will become <amp-img>

And of course this is difficult for the owners of sites, so the addition of AMP for WordPress will do everything on its own, just upload and activate the add-on.

Page added to WordPress:

After downloading the download and downloading it on your site, activate it and will work automatically on its own, and this addition is still in the beginning and the trial version, and you will get the addition of important updates in the future.

After you have activated it, go directly to the settings >> Permalinks >> Save changes.

We made this move for WordPress to re-create the links

  • The HTML page is like any HTML page but with a set of open source functionalities. This page works in HTML5 and works on all modern browsers.
  • In addition, AMP files can be considered temporary “Cached” files on your mobile device, and publishers and developers will take more control and develop them to make the page loading speed and load time better.
  • The most important publishers who used the AMP HTML project are international news sites such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, BUZZFEED, Daily Mail and The Guardian.

In version 0.1 and 0.2, the addition was primitive. In version 0.3 we found several advanced changes to the addition, such as:

  • Add AMP to Facebook.
  • Add new filters (amp_init)
  • Reform of some verification issues and problems.
  • Some other technical additions.

To learn more about the importance of adding AMP to your website from here

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