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Top 5 Competitive SEO Factors in SEO Tips

The competitive SEO factors should we consider. The digital market is still evolving, and we are witnessing this in the Arab content over the past years. Therefore, we must follow these updates and be a modern site compatible with the requirements of the necessary times in our lives and our work and our sites. So we should start by talking about the 5 most competitive factors in SEO tips.

Competitive SEO Factors in SEO Tips

Top 5 Competitive SEO Factors in SEO Tips

1- Increase the importance of SEO

SEO techniques will crystallize more and more in the future, many of us will try to get visitors through ads. But without much money, will anyone enter ?, No, of course.

The most important thing about SEO is that it saves a lot of money. The more specialized and professional SEO is, your ranking in the search engine will be distinctive and better. The site that is interested in seo internal and schema and improve images, content and speed and takes into account all factors Google to improve the quality of search. Not as a site that neglects one or more workers.

All studies have shown that a visitor by search engine is the best ever, why?

  • Because he entered the site with his full desire. He did not show ads on social media or any other.
  • Because he is 100% targeted. Anyone who enters the site with a “targeted” search term has a great benefit that increases the profit and sales ratio by at least 64%.
  • For it is free.

2- Length of content

All the experts in this field say it explicitly “longer content is better”. But in the future will the long content be required? Or is there something that will change?

Put yourself in the place of the user or visitor. And ask yourself, is it better to get your information after reading 1000 words. Or I find the image “Infographic” explains what I look for in simple words not exceeding 100 words. A 1 minute video, or a simple slide.

To me: Of course, the best thing to say. To get an answer and collect the information, not to read an article.

But how can we please the user and satisfy the search engine at the same time ?

This is what we see in most large sites that focus on “USER EXPERIENCE”. Where we note in the pages of the sites there is a clear answer at the beginning of the article. Simple words accompanied by a picture explaining everything or video, to get the visitor to what he sees. Then a section called “A detailed explanation” is written about everything that relates to the area you are talking about.

3- Shareability

Social media networks are the most important and growing web sites. We all know “Like – share – tweet – +1” and others. Are the order factors called “Social Signals”. Its benefits are great for the user and the search engine at the same time. So the buttons must be visible on the page and work properly, easy to access and use.

When a user posts a link on Facebook or Twitter, this is a sign of the user’s great trust in this link. “Of course Google appreciates this trust.” You will then get a group of users and visitors targeted for free without effort. Due to the quality of content on the page.

4- Visual Content

I think we got to consider the visual content “video” content to be the best and complete but not 100% at this time. But with confidence we can confirm that the future will be for visual content. Especially when mobile users. Watching a high resolution video is much better than reading words on a small mobile screen.

In fact, it is the most popular and popular visual content in the web. If you have a blog, the fastest way to get popular and a large number of followers and visitors are videos.

5- Mobile optimization

It became obvious and essential that it is essential that the site be mobile-compatible. Since the beginning of 2012 Google began to care for the mobile order. And ask sites to optimize their mobile sites. Then I gradually began to impose some algorithms on the quality of the search. To become at the beginning of 2015 a primary order factor. So the mobile in 2018 will be totally overwhelming on the disc in all areas.

Today, Google is working on the AMP project to make the pages of the site quick for mobile. We have talked extensively about AMP and how AMP was added to the site.

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