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Are there any Google Adsense alternatives that will have good answers

Are there any Google Adsense alternatives? This question comes to mind anyone who owns a website and has a good traffic. And wants to exploit this trek the biggest exploit. And want high compression price. After long research by several people on the most famous companies that offer profit-for-click service. They came up with amazing results. We’ll find an answer to the question What is the best alternative to Google Adsense? Let’s start the discussion. If you have another opinion I hope you share it with us.

Google Adsense Alternatives

The best Google Adsense alternatives

Chitika Google Adsense Alternative

When looking at Google for the best alternative to Google Adsense. You’ll find a lot of articles about this. At first you will find Chitika. Chitika is an American company founded in 2003. It started advertising business in 2004. After several successes it made a big union between Chitica and Yahoo.

IMPORTANT: To see these results after placing ads for several companies and see the results, “the ads are the same size. And in the same location. ”

This image shows the profits of the announcement from Chitica.

Chitika Google Adsense Alternative

We will see profits for four days. We notice a small number of clicks, which reached 383 keystrokes with an appearance of more than 58 thousand. How many profits? In the four days there are about 400 keystrokes. The profit was $ 2. With a low CTR and an average price of $ 0.005. Chitica ads are unattractive and clickthrough is weak. Let’s see the rest of the results.

Adcash Company as Google Adsense Alternative

Is an Estonian company, founded in 2007. It has spread tremendously. It became public in 2014 for more than 100,000 websites. And hundreds of millions of daily announcements. After trying Adcash ads in the same place and the same site the following results appeared:

Adcash Company as Google Adsense Alternative

Note the number of impressions exceeds 12 thousand, the number of pressure is 346. The CTR is also good at 2.85%, but the profit is 0.02 euros. Too bad to describe. Try dividing 0.19 / 346 on the calculator. An understandable result will not appear.

Google Adsense The Best Adsense Ever

Rich from definition, and to enter into the task directly. Watching the shocking results after putting the ad in the same place and getting the same impression and CTR.

Google Adsense The Best

We will note that CTR is very little and does not exceed 1%, but 153 keystrokes achieved about 20 Euros, and we will notice an average CPC of 0.1, knowing that CTR is low, and 0.1 is the weakest price in Adsense. Imagine if your site CTR is 3% and the click price is between $ 0.1 and $ 1, how much will your earnings be.

We came up with an important question: “Are there any Google Adsense alternatives?” The answer:

There is no alternative to Adsense, and Adsense is absolutely the best, and no competitor. No company offers this service better than Adsense, so do not tire yourself into looking for a better alternative, because if there was a better alternative make sure all the sites will use it.


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