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3 Top Freelancer affiliate program

Let’s Know 3 Top Freelancer affiliate program, and the definition so you can be a good Freelancer with this program.

Freelancer affiliate program

An affiliate program is a deal where a company pays another company or be a commission affiliate for their manner of sending traffic or selling.

This can accomplish by means of product integration, web content, or social media.

Clicks are tracking by affiliate link which gets by an affiliate and that happen usually with using cookies.

Often you will see some terms, such as “cookie life” or “cookie length” which defines merely how long cookie will track the internet activity of the user.

For instance, if a cookie has a life of 30 days.
Until getting a referral, you need to make a purchase from clicking your affiliate link within 30 days that because of getting paid.

A B2B audience can be especially useful,

because they’re the same clients who are prepared to drop hundreds of dollars to assist them,

to create cash for a product or service.

There are a lot of Best Affiliate Marketing Sites and a lot of programs too, So Let’s look at the three affiliate programs which pay the greatest fee or commission.

3 Top Freelancer affiliate program

1- Ebay

The cookie life is 10 days for “auction” items and 24 hours for “buy it now” items.

The commission is depending on the product category and be 50-70% of auction fees.

From a variety of product classifications and with more than a billion listings.

The affiliate program of eBay to make money shares many of the same benefits as that of Amazon such as well-known, a diverse selection of products and high conversion rates.

2- Amazon Associates Affiliate

The cookie life is for 24 hours.

The Commission is depending on the product category for 1-10%.

Amazon Associates Affiliate is one of the most famous sites for online shopping, so if you want to purchase something, chose Amazon is best for you.

3- HubSpot Site

The task of this site is to improve the growth of millions of communities.

The Cookie life for 90 days.

The Commission is a flat rate for up to $1,000 per product purchase.

As an affiliate of HubSpot,

The commission you are going to obtain depends on the item level of your referral bought each item.

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