Let’s talk about Business to Business (B2B)

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Business to Business

Business to business is a type of different types of E-Commerce transaction, such as one with a producer and a retailer or wholesaler as well as it also called B2B or B to B.

B2B is between enterprises rather than between an enterprise and a consumer.

B2B is different about transactions B2A and B2C.

The target audience for B2B businesses is completely distinct because the raw materials, services, complete components, or consultation for the operation, growth, and profit of other companies are available by it.

The concept detailed of Business to Business

In a typical supply chain, B2B is general,

Components and goods such as other raw materials purchases by businesses for use in procedures of production.

Finished products can market to people via transactions between B2C.

In the communication framework, It is concerned with techniques through which staff from various businesses can connect to each other, for example via social media.

This sort of communication is calling B2B,

which is communication between the staff of two or more businesses.

( See this article also Consumer to Consumer )

How different is the way B2B is sold?

The scale differs from that to a customer.

Key differences in sales and marketing for transactions between B2B include some points, such as:

1- Sometimes selling involves taking part in a bids process by answering the application for suggestions of the buyer.

This is the comparison of B2C when asked for the highest offer on a particular brand and model from car dealers.

2- It may take days, weeks, or months to decide on a buy,

and it is depending on how the buyer operates and the order’s size and nature.

3- The dollar value of products or services which sell is significantly greater than that of consumers or retailers,

The customer must, therefore, take action to minimize the danger.

Sometimes a product prototype request or personalization.

4- Committees often make purchasing choices, therefore, every member must be trained.

The beginning of B2B E-Commerce

Forrester reported a total of 1,134 trillion dollars for B2B e-commerce in late 2018.

Over 954 billion dollars which it had projected for 2018 in a forecast released in 2017.

This is approximately 12% of the 9 trillion dollars in total US B2B year-round revenues.

They predict that by 2023 this figure will rise to 17%.

The Internet offers a strong atmosphere where companies can learn about services, products and lay the foundation for future operations.

Websites of companies enable stakeholders to learn about the services of a company, products, and contact initiation.

Online product and websites for the supply exchange permit companies to look for services, goods, and procurement initiation by interfaces for e-procurement
Informational specialized online directories on specific sectors, enterprises, goods, and services which also make B2B transactions easier.

Source:  (Wikipedia)

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