Learn about 6 Different types of E-Commerce

There are Different Types of E-Commerce, let’s know these with us here because today we will talk about 6 of it in this article on our site E-Helper team.

Different types of E-Commerce

Speaking in general, If most people think about electronic commerce, they’re thinking about buying products or using internet services.
However, there is a more particular way, which mentioning the sort of internet transaction that the transfers fall within what e-commerce category.
E-commerce exists in six main kinds, such as:
1- Business to Business (B2B)
2- Business to Consumer (B2C)
3- Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
4- Consumer to Business (C2B)
5- Business to Administration (B2A)
6- Consumer to Administration (C2A)
All these kinds are a distinct buying dynamic.

Types of E-Commerce

1- Different Types of E-Commerce: Business to Business (B2B)

In short, B2B electronic trading relates to all electronic products transactions and sales, which is between two companies.

The connection between a production producer and wholesaler is usually explained by such e-commerce.

Who advertises the product for consumer purchases, This sometimes enables wholesalers to remain ahead.

2- Business to Consumer (B2C)

In short, Maybe the most popular e-commerce type, Business to Consumer e-commerce deals with business-to-consumer electronic relations.

This is an e-commerce route for many because they can shop at the best rates, read reviews of customers and often discover various products to which they would not be subjected in the retail globe otherwise.

This category of e-commerce also allows companies to create a personalized relation with their clients.

3- Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

In short, All electronic transactions include this level of e-Commerce which between customers take place.

This e-commerce level covers all electronic transactions between customers.

In general, internet platforms provide these transactions like paypal.

However, social media networks are frequently used such as facebook marketplace or Craigslist website.

4- Consumer to Business (C2B)

In short, Not the oldest type of e-commerce,

C2B e-commerce means a customer provides its services or products to purchase access to businesses.

A graphic designer who adapts a business logo would be an instance of this or a photographer takes pictures on the website of e-commerce.

5- Business to Administration (B2A)

In short, This category of e-commerce relates to all business-public operations.
This is an area with many facilities, in fields like social security, in particular, legal records and employment jobs.

6- Consumer to Administration (C2A)

In short, A different common category of e-commerce,

All electronic transactions between people and public administration are included in C2A E-commerce.

For example, taxation like returns of taxes or health like the timetable of an online service appointment.

Source: Types of e-commerce (Wikipedia)

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