Earn More money on a 99designs freelancer Site

99designs freelancer Site is a great market for design to improve your experience and increase your profits, here are for you some points.

It is also a great opportunity for any designer who wants to make money through his designs and presented them to customers on the site.

It is a place to gain the necessary experience and new skills through contact with senior designers.

99designs freelauncer Site 
99designs freelancer Site

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99designs freelancer Site

To improve your experience and increase your profits

If you are a novice designer and want to enter this site and participate in competitions,

there are some dynamics I will address later that you should consider in order to improve your experience and increase your profits,

and also the important part is to reduce the level of frustration that You will feel in the first days.

when you enter the atmosphere of competitions on the site.

All tricks to win customers from the 99designs Affiliate freelancer 

but first, you must get into 99designs 


1. Introduce yourself to 99designs freelancer Site

When you submit a proposal for design, write a short paragraph that presents yourself to the client, and should not be too long, and boast of your business, just introduce yourself.

Remember your name and age and do not forget to mention where you are from, and this is the last of the essentials in the paragraph to be presented to the customer because their site is a global market and has many nationalities.

You might say what the customer needs to know where you are from. This will solve the timing problem in both countries. Where this factor may affect the agreement between you and you may be in trouble with the client.

I advise you to ask the customer for some information to come out with a design that is more suitable for their taste.

99designs freelancer Site

2. Provide design

Now start the planning stage and take the opinion of the client.

what he wants, there are those who will claim professionalism.

say that he is skilled and does not need advice and instructions from the client.

but I advise you and I emphasize you take this step by step.

then you will strengthen your relationship with the client and also know what he wants and what awaits you in the design.

For example, if you use a custom line in your business,

the customer may not like it and you will have to write it down and find out what you like and what you hate and assure you that you will get the satisfaction of your customer.

Also, the client’s programmer may have warned him against some design techniques that prevented him from using them in designs.

Providing all these questions and details of the design to the client will increase the comfort of the latter,

and his confidence in you, as well as the prevention of some potential problems,

which often falls between the designer and his client because of ignoring this stage,

which reflects seriousness at work or vice versa.

3. Focus on quality

Do you have problems with design quality? This is, without doubt, one of the worst mistakes you can encounter as a designer at the site.

In the midst of these problems in the quality of the design I advise you not to use more than 3 lines and cautionary,

then be careful that your design is a decoration only without giving the idea and the meaning of the design.

And avoid the monotony and routine and not the multitude of colors just use what is necessary, and try to take advantage of the vacuum and make it to your advantage.

Finally, I warn you about tradition and transportation.

They are the basis of failure, but they are contrary, inventive, and creative in your determination to win the satisfaction of the customer and perfect your work and complete it to the best.

4. Do not rush things with 99designs freelancer Site

After working 2-3 hours on the design may be tired,

you may be surprised by the decline in the quality of your design,

here I advise you to take a short break in which you review the design and you would like to see him in full screen to evaluate it from all sides,

Just make sure there are no errors in Spelling or anything that harms the design.

Re-emphasize that you review everything in the design after the short break,

This may come up with things you did not put in your design

and also avoid any embarrassing errors that may damage your reputation on the site.

5. Don’t accept more designs at the same time

Do not do more than design at the same time,

no matter how you came from the offers,

because you will not be able as a beginner to match all the requests,

especially since you are not used to the speed at work.

Show some love towards the designers or in the sense be nice to them.

Do not think that you are evaluating their business.

You will lose yourself in front of customers, this is not true at all.

6. Be nice to other designers

Be nice to other designers.

And do not think that you are evaluating their business.

you will lose yourself in front of customers, this is not true at all.

Designers are not your enemies and the best proof of what you said,

It is a great option on their site that allows you to send special messages to designers.

Resource: Wikipedia

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In the next post, we will learn together How To Create an Account at 99designs.com

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