Leased Lines For Large Businesses

Many businesses rely on data transfer and fast connectivity for day-to-day operations. Whether you run a FinTech and enable financial transactions, or you have a team of designers who use collaboration platforms, you may need to invest in a leased line for your business.

These connections offer symmetric upload and download speeds, and they are dedicated to your company – meaning you can guarantee peak performance.

Leased Lines For Large Businesses


Whether it’s downloading large files or hosting video conferences, a slow internet connection can be detrimental to your business. A leased line offers uncontended speeds, meaning that your download and upload speed won’t be affected by the number of other users connected to the same fiber cabinet as you. Leased lines are also symmetrical, which means that upload and download speeds are equal (unlike standard broadband services like ADSL2+ where the upload speed is often significantly slower than the download speed).

This makes a leased line the ideal solution for businesses that need fast, stable bandwidth for high-quality applications such as VoIP phone systems, cloud applications, or remote desktop connections. These types of applications are known as latency-sensitive, meaning that they need low latency to work effectively. A leased line will provide a consistent speed irrespective of the time of day, which is especially important for large data transfers. A leased line can be easily scaled at short notice as your business needs change so that you’re always able to meet your bandwidth requirements.


leased line is a private internet connection, uncontended and dedicated to your business. This ensures a faster, stronger, and future-proof service that can cope with the data needs of your company. Whether you’re transferring hefty data files, hosting servers, using a VoIP phone system, or utilizing cloud-based software and technology like video conferencing and remote desktop connections, a leased line ensures uninterrupted connectivity to keep your company running smoothly.

Leased lines also offer symmetrical upload and download speeds – perfect for IT networks that require a fast upload speed for back-ups, streaming and broadcasting, video conferencing, or cloud-based IT services. This is an advantage over broadband which offers asymmetrical bandwidth and can slow down during high usage points.

For businesses that rely on real-time communication tools like VOIP phone systems and video calling, low latency is essential. A leased line can deliver low latency with an SLA, unlike standard business broadband connections which do not come with an SLA guarantee.


Large businesses that rely on their internet for data transfer, communication, and collaboration with customers and partners need to ensure that the connection they have is reliable. Any downtime can impact the productivity of the business and could result in losses.

Leased lines are a great solution for businesses that require a stable and fast internet connection. The bandwidth of a leased line is dedicated to your organization and so is not contended, or affected during peak traffic times like that experienced by traditional broadband services such as ADSL. Leased lines also offer symmetrical upload and download speeds, meaning you won’t have to worry about sending or receiving large files or having VoIP conference calls interrupted due to a slow or unreliable connection.

Leased lines are an ideal connectivity solution for large businesses that utilize cloud-based applications or have a high level of internet usage on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a leased line solution for your business, contact us or use our quote tool to see how much it could cost.


The ability to foster growth and boost productivity in your business depends on how fast your internet connection is. With a dedicated leased line, you’ll get symmetrical upload and download speeds that won’t drop off or slow down at bandwidth-intensive moments like backing up data or conferencing.

This is because a leased line is dedicated to your business and you can use it with confidence in the knowledge that nobody else will be competing for your bandwidth. This makes a leased line an ideal solution for businesses that rely on online data files operationally and are often engaged in bandwidth-intensive activities.

Leased lines can be scaled to fit the needs of your business, making them an extremely flexible digital asset. Connectivity specialists like Focus Group can install, deliver, and manage a leased line for you, ensuring that your connections are rock solid at all times. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Our technical team is happy to help.

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