Teezily website Specializing in T-shirt design

Teezily website Specializing in T-shirt design

Teezily website is the best site for Products such as  (T-shirt designs; sweatshirts etc.) or any different material, printed and presented to a particular extent and for a predetermined size of time, as proposed by means of the Designers as a section of a Campaign such as T-shirt design.

By setting an Order or Preorder of a Product via the Teezily Service, the Customer announces that they are over 18 years of age, and utterly accepts the modern-day General Terms and Conditions outlined herein.

These phrases govern the relationship between the employer TEEZILY and the Customer(s)

and User(s) and particularly the Orders and Preorders made through the Customer(s), and the creation,

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Teezily website

An activity, publicized on social networks, inviting the underwriting of a Product, that will solely be produced and bought via the Teezily Service if the underwritten income attains the minimal Target introduced with the aid of the Creator in the timeframe (between 24 hours and 20 working days),

outlined for the Product and on the Teezily Service. If the income Target is reached,

the Product will be created and offered at the introduced charge when the Campaign is launched.

Failing this condition, the Campaign will quit and the corresponding Products will no longer be created or sold,

and the repayments that would have been debited via the Company TEEZILY, have to the Campaign have been successful, will be reimbursed.

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Campaign Description:

Description and title of the Campaign solely dealt with and crammed freely by means of the Designer,

displayed at the top proper facet of the Product image,

for the cause of describing the operation of the Campaign. This content material shall not,

in any way interact with the employer TEEZILY, which makes its bests efforts to manipulate the accuracy of the content.

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Campaign Period:

The period set through the Designer at the time the Campaign is launched, between 24 (twenty-four) hours

and 20 (twenty) working days, at some point which Preorders, and when the Target is reached, Orders, can be addressed to the corporation TEEZILY.


Any person(s) having ordered a Product or Product for private or non-commercial use, on behalf of a team or association. Certain actually distinctive policies of the modern-day General Terms and Conditions practice solely to Consumer Customers.

Contract: Complete contractual preparations linking the business enterprise TEEZILY to the Customer and comprising the cutting-edge General Terms and Conditions as properly as the Preorders and associated Orders.

Customer Account:

also, a Complete set of facts referring to a Customer, which includes their identification information, registration facts, and buying history.

Designer(s): All folks have launched a campaign in which they presented one or greater Product(s) on the Teezily website.

Design(s): Graphic designs such as illustration(s) or photograph(s) created via a Designer, or uploaded on the introduction platform of the Teezily website, supposed to be printed on a Product presented for sale as a phase of a Campaign.

T-shirt design  is the first goal of to Teezily website

Teezily website
Teezily website


and The TEEZILY Service is on hand from a computer, pill, or smartphone at the internet site tackle www.teezily.com.

In order to use the TEEZILY Service, the User ought to have got right of entry to a machine and a subscription to a telecommunication community permitting them to get entry to the TEEZILY Service, each of which needs to conform to modern-day rules and standards.

The User ought to additionally have to get entry to a browser well matched with the TEEZILY Service as listed on the TEEZILY Service (including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Chromium).

The User will have free get admission to the Teezily website and Service problem to the existing Online Sales Terms, and the place relevant to the General Terms of Use of the TEEZILY website.

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The TEEZILY Service is a Platform permitting Designers to provide Designs that will be manufactured and marketed by way of the enterprise TEEZILY if they meet the necessities of the User.

In this way, the Designer provides a Design, units a Price, a Campaign Period, and a Target of Pre-orders to reach.

Interested Users can, therefore:

also, Make Preorders in the course of the Campaign Period till the Target is reached.

Make Orders after the Target is reached. The Preorders made by using Customers earlier than the Target is reached will robotically flip into Orders as quickly as the Target is reached, except for the want to wait for the quit of the Campaign Period.

After Target has been reached, the business enterprise TEEZILY is accountable for the manufacture, printing, and transport of the Products to the Customer.


If the user needs to make an Order or Preorder on the TEEZILY Service in T-shirt design, the User has to be over 18 years of age and have examined and thoroughly familiar with the cutting-edge Terms and Conditions,

consent mirrored with the aid of clicking on the “Confirm my Order” button.

The User ought to additionally have to get admission to an atypical price approach as listed in the modern Terms and Conditions and entire all sections of the online form. The required fact is as follows:

  • Civility,
  • First and ultimate name,
  • Delivery address,
  • Email address,
  • Telephone wide variety (optional),
  • Required Products
  • Quantity of ordered Products.

The User/Customer shall cooperate to furnish the right and whole information. The Company TEEZILY can’t be held accountable for any shipping hassle in the tournament of an unsuitable tackle or recipient attributed to the Customer/User.

Teezily website
Teezily website

Teezily website

when Customers are unable, at the hazard of being prosecuted, to switch any rights and duties issued from the existing Contract to a 0.33 birthday celebration besides the prior written settlement of the organization TEEZILY.

To validate an Order or Pre-order, the User/Customer has to observe the guidelines determined on the TEEZILY Service.

Customers ought to affirm the phrases of their Orders and Preorders (Products, Price, Size, Color, Model,

Name and Delivery Address etc.).

The T-shirt design is east for shipping, No change will be ordinary in case of shipping made in accordance to the order positioned on the TEEZILY Service and acquired by way of the agency TEEZILY,

the statistics contained in the affirmation e-mail make proof regarding the Orders or Pre-order characteristics.

An Order will be widely widespread with the aid of clicking on the ‘Confirm my Order” icons designed for this purpose

Company TEEZILY will verify the Order by using an e-mail to the Client, confirming the following:

  • The Identity of the Campaign
  • The quantity of Product(s) ordered
  • The size(s) ordered
  • The color(s) ordered
  • The price of the Order (the price of Product and cargo costs)
  • The shipping tackle and the recipient (or shipping addresses in the case of more than one recipient)
  • The approximate transport instances (15 days following the cease of the Campaign Period, and 30 days at least)

in addition, The Company TEEZILY additionally reminds the Customer that, in case of Preorder, and due to the fact of the nature of the Campaigns themselves, if the Target is now not reached in the predefined time as referred

to on the worried Campaign web page on the Teezily Service, and recalled at the time of the Preorder confirmation,

the Products will now not be produced or sold. In this circumstance, the Client shall mechanically get hold of an

e-mail at the tackle furnished before, mentioning that the Preorder shall be without delay and robotically canceled except making the enterprise TEEZILY accountable for it in any manner.

Teezily Service

Additionally, taking into account the nature of the Campaigns,

the Customer is notified that they are in a position to withdraw their Order at any time earlier than the give up of the Campaign Period by way of contacting the business enterprise TEEZILY in accordance with the directions in the “CONTACT TEEZILY” part below.

Given that the Products are manufactured and printed to the Customer’s Order in a personal trend way,

and that the agency TEEZILY no longer preserve any stock, the Customers are notified that they are now

in a position to withdraw their Preorder/Order after the give up of the Campaign Period

and till 5 pm the closing day of the Campaign Period, due to the Company TEEZILY consumer provider working hours (Monday to Thursday 9.30 am till 6.30 pm and till 5.30 pm Friday).

Teezily website
Teezily website


moreover, The Price of Products is proven in Euros, with Value Added Tax included. The prices are quoted in accordance with the income Target of every Product and determined under the Designer’s responsibility.

The Company TEEZILY no longer take delivery of any financial institution prices or alternate costs,

the quantity given in Euros, or any different forex proposed by way of the TEEZILY Service,

being that which has to be acquired by way of the Company TEEZILY.

T-shirt design does not cost you much,  When repayments are made via financial institution transfer,

the Customer needs to notify their financial institution department that all expenses are at their personal expense.


Shipping modes in metropolitan France are the following:

“La Poste”, general transport besides monitoring and signature “Affranchigo Forfait” for the lightest articles (t-shirts, tank tops…)

“Colissimo” service, with monitoring quantity however besides signature, for the heaviest articles (sweaters and hoodies)

Outside of metropolitan France, all European deliveries are made with the “Asendia” provider besides monitoring and signature.

Outside of Europe, worldwide transport modes are the following:

USA: UPS service, monitoring range besides signature;

Australia: “Australian Post” with monitoring range and signature delivery;

New-Zealand: “New-Zealand Post” with monitoring wide variety and signature delivery;

Rest of the world “UPS international” provider with monitoring quantity and except signature.

These transport strategies follow by way of default in accordance with the ordered Products, the TEEZILY Service does now not provide the opportunity to select any different shipping methods.


Customers can pay for their Orders through either:

bank card (Carte Bleue, deposit card, Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, Sofort, Giropay, Klama, Bancontact, American Express, Discover)


Gift playing cards issued with the aid of 0.33 events groups (accepted on the Teezily website only if the Visa and/or Mastercard emblem seems on the card)

The Customer needs to first make certain that the present card or the financial institution account

that they are used to pay for the Orders or Preorders will cowl the complete price of the Orders or Preorders, which means the Price of the Product(s) and any related shipping fees.

In the tournament the place the Customer/User desires to use a present card, they shall make certain making any buy that the duration of validity of the card has now not expired.

Such facts are handy on the accompanying archives or via attaining to the card issuer.

In case of a refund for a buy initiated with a present card, the refund can solely be performed on the aforementioned present Card.

If at the refund date, the present card has expired, the Customer needs to be accountable

for bringing it to the interest of the organization TEEZILY the usage of the “CONTACT” method distinct below.

and Thanks to an SSL protocol, repayments are secured. The gathering of statistics associated with financial institution playing cards is supplied through the organization ADYEN.


The Company TEEZILY no longer maintain any facts pertaining to financial institution cards,

also, this is why the User/customer will have to re-input all his credit score card data in the tournament of a 2d buy on the TEEZILY Service by the TEEZILY website.

At the time of payment, a verification may be requested of the proprietor of the financial institution card.

This entails a 3D Secure system (Mastercard, SecureCode, and Verified via Visa)

and is used to improve charge security. The Customer must at this factor comply with authorization guidelines and methods required via the financial institution to permit the Company TEEZILY

to make sure that the Customer is certainly the proprietor of the financial institution card being used,

or as the case can also be, acquired the authorization from the financial institution card owner.


Moreover, Shipping charges for Products are invoiced separately. They are indicated upon setting the Order

the transport charges are proven in accordance with the shipping address(es)

and the shipping mode(s) relevant to the chosen Product(s) indicated by using the User/Customer earlier than the User/Customer is requested to verify his Order.

in addition, The Company TEEZILY will inform the Customer of the estimated shipping date via electronic mail

to the tackle furnished at the time of the Order or Pre-Order. However, in case of conflict,

in addition, with any automated affirmation emails received, or with the Campaign Description, and these Terms, the latter shall govern.

Delivery charges for France, Europe, USA, and Canada are the following:

  1.  sweater/hoodie = 4,95€
  2.  extra comparable product = 1,65€
  3.  t-shirt = 3,95€
  4.  extra comparable product = 1,45€

Delivery expenses for the relaxation of the world are the following:

  1.  sweater/hoodie = 6,50€
  2.  additionnal comparable product = 3€
  3.  t-shirt = 6,50€
  4. additionnal comparable product = 3€


Pursuant to articles L.211-4 and following the French Consumer Code, in case of non-compliance of the Product delivered to the Order and solely in such cases, the Customer will be provided a choice, inside the difficulty length relevant to this action, between the alternative of the Product,

or preserving the Product as it is, soliciting for a charge discount justified through the Product’s imperfections.

also. appropriate for the regular anticipated purpose, matching the description given, and having the characteristics that a consumer would possibly moderately assume from the Product.

In case of hidden defects rendering the Product unsuitable for the use for which it is typically fitted,

and if the Customer is capable to show that the prerequisites required below Article 1641 of the French Civil Code are met,

moreover, the Customer will be provided a desire between retaining the Product as it is,

and ask for a charge discount corresponding to the defects, or return the Product for a refund of the paid Price

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