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Cpagrip How To Make Account And Get Profit From It

Today you will talk about Cpagrip website and the way to register on the Cpagrip website, as this site has considered as one of the best CPA sites that accept beginners.

As the policies of this site are very easy and there is no complication, but it accepts everyone without exception.

Cpagrip is one of the first sites that I have subscribed to before, it accepts all people whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Its conditions are very easy and there is no final complication as the acceptance of this site is immediately.

And I advise you dear reader to register with this company immediately, as there are a lot of offers within it that you can promote.

As you can promote CPA offers for your country or any country you want, and Cpagrip has many tools that the publisher can use.

Such as content lock, video lock, or link locking, which works on Increase your profits.

Cpagrip Website For CPA Deals

How to register on Cpagrip

GO :

After opening the website you will find the words Signup Now with green color at the top right at the screen, press on it and then you will find Join CPAGrip right at your  face in the middle of the screen, press on it and then do the next steps one by one so you don’t miss anything.

In the “First name” field, you will put your first name, and in the “Last name” field, you put your last name.

And in the Company field, you put your first name and last name together, and then at the Website field, you put your website link or your blog link on blogger.

At the Street Address field, you should use your street address, and at the Street Address (Line 2) field, leave it blank.

And with the Country field, you choose the country name, and in the “City” field, write the city’s name, no need to complicate thing here.

For the State / Region field, write the name of the state you are living on, and in the Zip / Postal Code field, write the postal code for the state you are living on

And at the “Phone Number” field, you write the phone number that you are using at the moment because there may be a phone call or a message with a code to activate the account.

With the field of IM Service, you select Skype, and at the field “IM Name”, you should write the name of your Skype account.

In the “Publisher Type” field, leave it blank, and at the Email Address field you write your e-mail, and for the Password field, you will write your password, and at the Confirm Password field, you will retype the password again.

In the “Time zone” field, you choose the time for your country, and you put a ✔ mark next to I am not a robot, and ✔ mark next to that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of the website, and in the (Where did you hear about us?), you can just leave it blank, and then click on the word “Register”.


How to activate my registration on Cpagrip

All you need to do to activate your registration at the website, is opening the email you have written at the personal information and find the message that has been sent to you from the website, and then open it and activate it that is all you need to do to activate your account.

How to select the best service at the website

After logging in to your account you will find an option called (Offer Tools), from it you can find and select any offer you would like to have, of course you have to read the details first so you can know how much is the profit and how you are going to get them and when before or after the deal.

From this Offer Tools you will find a lot of deals you can pick from, but let me worn you about something, do not enter a big deal with a big profit without reading everything about it, because it maybe have lots of demands that you will not be able to provide.

How to promote services at the website

There is a lot of way to promote your services at the website, one of them is by putting your like between the search engines and the visitor, so you can get a proportion for every single visit at the website, and this way can give you up to 5% per one visit and that is not low payment at all.

This is not the only way to promote your services at the website, since you can do it with a lot more ways, but for the beginners this is the best way to get some profit from it until you fully understand how the site works and then you can start doing the big trades and deals with higher profit rate.


GO :

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