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The top 4 reasons why you link your site to the Google Analytics today

Google provides free Google Analytics. So that webmasters can link their site to this service in order to get full analytics for all your websites. Using only one account.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides full statistics on your site such as:

  • Know the number of visitors daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Find out how many online visitors are online on your site.
  • See the source of traffic coming to your site.
  • Find out the most searched words in the search engines by your visitors.

Google Analytics Service is one of the best free web analytics services available. All statistics contained in it are 100% actual statistics and there is no possibility of error because it is provided by Google. You must link your site to Google Analytics today.

Reasons to use Google Analytics

Reasons to use Google Analytics

The first reason: Google Analytics provides you with complete statistics about your website

We also know that Google Analytics provides you with complete statistics on your site such as: (Know the number of visitors – Know the source of traffic – Know the behavior of visitors – Measure bounce rate – Know the other interests of visitors – Measuring the speed of the site – Determination of demographic information) and more and more services provided by those the service.

The second reason: Some companies require Google Analytics service

There are some companies in order to get their service must be provided with statistics on your site from Google Analytics. If you do not link your site with this service. The company will not give you the authority to enjoy it unless you provide accurate statistics about your site from a trusted source.
For example: there is a company called adnet7 you need full statistics on your site in order to accept your site in the service Google Adsense known, it is a company partnership with Google and you can take advantage of them if you do not accept your site in Google Adsense service.

The third reason: Protect your Adsense from shutdown

It is known that Google Adsense always closes accounts arbitrarily. You must link your site to Google Analytics and link the latter to Google Adsense for tracking illegal clicks.

When Google closes your Adsense account you only have one last step to restore your account. It provides a comprehensive, complete and accurate report on the source of traffic to your site. You should also give them some IP to visitors who suspect that they have closed your account (invalid clicks). Never link today to Google Analytics.

The fourth reason: Track the source of traffic to your site and avoid harmful traffic

There are some competitors in the same field who are professional at spam. And they are the owners of weak souls who do not love the good of one and have hatred of others because of their success and superiority. These people may find ways to hurt you, bring illegal traffic to your site, or bring a harmful backlink to your site. Here you should follow the clicks on Adsense as mentioned in the previous point. You must also follow the source of traffic to your site and avoid harmful traffic from inside the Webmaster Tools service.

Of course, this service is a powerful weapon to protect and develop your business online. By studying the behavior and performance of users and visitors to your site you can learn everything that goes on in secret and build on it take the necessary measures to protect your work online. Especially those who rely on profit from their site through Google Adsense or CPA marketers interested in CPA using search engines.

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