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Consumer to Consumer is the famous e-commerce type so we choose it today to talk about in addition to we will give you 12 examples in this article on our site E-helper team.

Consumer to Consumer

There is a lot of different types of E-Commerce.

C2C eCommerce is a customer that sells products or other customer services online, like eBay, Craigslist or Etsy operates.

The sale is generally made possible by a third party website which helps to take care of transaction information, normally called a marketplace.

The eCommerce platform of Clarity has been in use for almost 10 years in such marketplaces.

The objective of e-commerce between customers is to allow customers.

The objective of e-commerce between C2C is to allow customers to sell to other customers directly without the intermediary or spend a lot of money construction and keep your own storefront online.

This enables the vendor to maintain more revenue and the buyer to buy the products in a better way, competitiveness pricing.

These kinds of eCommerce websites, markets, are often called by individuals.

E-Commerce platform owned by Clarity can be used as a place of market or in another model, such as an online single, multi-store or global marketplace for multilingual multi-currency and much more.

C2C examples

In short, C2C is the creation of consumer value. Below are some instances of the following:

1- An Auctions

In short, The sale of the property, bidding process collectables and goods which in secondary use

2- Work

Work for an extra fee.

3- The Freelancing

Certain self-employment can be regarded as a C2C.

For example, an independent carpenter who works with homeowners.

4- The Crowdfunding

Consumers finance consumer beginning.

5- Collaborative

An e-commerce or retailer site It belongs to its consumers.

6- Working at home

The value family members generate in the home through their homework, children’s care or any repairs inside the home.

7- Economy of Access

Arrival to assets at a rental cost.
For instance, rent your holiday home if you don’t use it

8- The Bartering

Exchanges without cash of assets, products and services
Trading a motorbike for a boat, for instance

9- Information to the customer

In short, Providing data to consumers.

For example, A blog of fashion which fashion goods reviews.

10- The Repair

People who help in fix stuff.

For example, coffee repair.

11- Traditional Economics

The traditional economy is based on the customer to customer relations.

For instance, a barn raising while everybody enables a neighbour to construct a barn in a town.

12- The Events

In short, Events are as a band concert that promoted their fans directly.

Source: Customer to customer


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