What is E- Commerce? The Major Different Types of E- Commerce

different types of e commerce
different types of e commerce

In this topic we are talking about the Different Types of E- Commerce, and their different important uses.  Before this we are talking about e- commerce.

Different Types of E- Commerce
Different Types of E- Commerce

The definition of e- commerce:

E- commerce means electronic commerce. It is online shopping or the transaction of sales that is between the supplier and the customer. It is the purchase and sale of goods and services via the internet . E- commerce has many activities such as online ticketing, online auction, internet banking and payment gateways. E- commerce has six major Different Types of E- Commerce

 The major  different types of e- commerce business :

different types of e commerce
different types of e commerce

Here we are talking about different types of e-commerce:

1- Business- to- Business ( B2B)

It consists of all the electronic transactions and dealings that concern the goods and service conducted by companies. This type of e- commerce is not only for companies but also for traditional commerce wholesalers and producers dealing with retailers. Any website follows this type can sell its products to an intermediate purchaser who then sells the products to the customer.

2- Business- to- Consumer (B2C):

In this type of e- commerce companies can sell their online goods to the final customers. Any website follows this type can sell its products to the customer. The customer can see the products on the website. The customer can choose any product, and order it.Then the website will send a notification to the company via email, and the company will dispatch it to the customer.

3- Consumer- to- consumer (C2C):

This type of e- commerce includes all electronic transactions of goods and services conducted between consumers. There is a third party conducts these transactions, which provides the online platform that carries out the transactions. Any website follows this type helps the consumers to sell their assets like cars, electronics, motorcycles, cell phones and others .Website may or may not charge the customer for it’s services. Another customer may opt to buy the product of the other customer by viewing the advertisement on the website. Ebay.com is an example for this type. It is the most popular platform that makes customers can sell to other customers

4- Consumer- to- Business (C2B):

In this type customers offer their products or services online, and companies post their bids. Then customers review the bids and choose companies that suit their price expectations. Istock photo is an example for this type. It is a market for selling royalty- free photographs and images for commercial design purposes.

5- Business- to- Administration (B2A):

This type includes all transactions conducted online between companies and public administration. It is an area that involves many different kinds of services, specifically in areas such as legal documents, social security, employment, fiscal measures, and registers. Recently, these services have increased with investments made in e- government.

6- Consumer- to- Administration (C2A):

This type includes all electronic transactions conducted between individuals and public administration. There are many applications that involve this type of e- commerce.

These applications are:

  • Taxes: payments, filing tax returns, etc.
  • Social Security through information distribution, making payments, etc.
  •  Education: distance learning, disseminating information, etc.
  • Health: information about illnesses, appointments, and payments of health service, etc.

The main purpose of the (B2A) and the (C2A) types of e- commerce involving public administration is for more transparency, flexibility, efficiency and easy usability for the services. The services that the government provides them to the citizens with the support of information and communication technologies.

To know more about different types of e-commerce you can watch this video



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