PayPal business account vs personal

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All PayPal accounts enable payments to be sent and received.

Today, we will talk about business and personal account on PayPal.

Business Account: Used to traders operating under

the name of a company.

as a result, It offers additional characteristics like limited

access to your account and email.

In addition, customer service emails able to

for up to 200 employees

for faster follow-ups to route customer issues.

Personal Account: Used to  online shoppers and payers,

or you would like to send or receive personal shared expense

payments in short, like Dividing dinner bills or rental charges;

casual or non – casual sellers who want to be paid online,

and who buy so online as well. [Source: PayPal]

Note that, To clarify For personal and business accounts,

the PayPal Debit Card, PayPal Plus MasterCard

Credit Card and PayPal Student Card are available options.

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PayPal business account vs personal

PayPal has more than 200 million active accounts captured,

worldwide, more than 20 countries.

Since its early days, this payment processing company

has evolved and now offers its customers business

and personal account options.

Although many of the same options are available

on the other hand, for business and personal PayPal accounts,

There are clear differences between the two types of account.

to sum up,

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PayPal Business Account

The business account of PayPal is ideal for online traders,

like other corporate companies.

similarly, The account gives business owners the options to

accept payments without the cost of processing the excess

credit card.

Along with the options for payment processing,

The business account of PayPal provides Its online billing

such as which enables you to process payments online

for your customers, both by phone, by mail or by fax.

These accounts also offer express payment options,

your customers can able to check their PayPal account quickly

without providing any personal information.

Research from PayPal shows that firms using the Express

Checkout option sees an average 14 per cent increase in sales.

PayPal Personal account

The personal account of PayPal available you to be safe,

secure payments online,

send money as well as accept payments.

For those who shop online and even sell on eBay,

this account is ideal.

Above all, You can link your checking account to your Personal

PayPal account to the easy transfer of money and payment


So the PayPal personal account is not charged and more than

1,000 online stores accept the PayPal account.

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