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BlockMesh Networks Project Using Blockchain and Ethereum

BlockMesh aims to create the first decentralized and free network in the world using Blockchain and Ethereum. In this context, Blockchain provides an opportunity for everyone to share and be proud of the benefits that the Internet offers us. Everyone who read a book, Don Tapscott, the Revolution Blockchain. Blockchain is the second generation of the Internet. It holds the ability to transfer money, business, and society as a whole. And all in the interest of all, which are all beneficiaries.


BlockMesh project

BlockMesh is a system of networks that can operate outside the normal cellular towers using the peer-to-peer feature. By creating a network powered by Bluetooth – or Wi-Fi. If any – mesh network avoids cellular costs and typical data imposed by normal networks.

How BlockMesh Networks Work

BlockMesh is built on peer-to-peer, making it an effective communication platform, anonymous and decentralized. All information will be encrypted from start to finish. BlockMesh networks track data and messages using a custom system with a partial network configuration. Data is propagated along a path from one node to another until you reach its destination.

To ensure that all paths are available, the network must allow continuous communication and must independently reconfigure itself around the broken paths, using self-healing algorithms. Self-healing allows the network to redirect data. When a defect occurs in the node. Or when the connection becomes unstable. As a result, the network relies on itself.
The higher the number of users, the stronger the network.

The importance of the BlockMesh network

The BlockMesh project creates a new model of how you use our communication networks, Internet access and our smart devices. The network is based on ethylene oxide, which means that it is completely decentralized and puts it in direct conflict with the major corporations that monopolize the telecommunications market. BlockMesh Network will not be owned by as few people as with traditional companies. But by all network users.

Currently, many people do not use all the Internet packages or communications they pay for. BlockMesh is designed to make the Internet or Unused Communications from some users available to others who will pay for the Mesh Tokens. BlockMesh users can earn Mesh Tokens through sharing their Internet or communications packages that they will not use.

How to invest in the project and buy Mesh Tokens:

The initial offer of the ICO which will be launched on 28 February 2018 gives you the opportunity to be part of the BlockMesh project by purchasing the “Mesh Currency” which represents your share in the company. Once this investment cycle is over. The funds will be used to develop the application and launch the technology.

You can also take advantage of a 10% discount. If you sign up for their site before starting your initial ICO demo.

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