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Landing Page Vs Squeeze Page Difference and whichever is better

The difference between Landing Page and squeeze page. The first is called landing page and we talked in two previous articles

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As for the squeeze page, its name is not accurate to describe what it is. But generally we will know how to differentiate between the two pages through their meaning.

The difference between Landing Page and squeeze page

Landing Page Vs Squeeze Page

Landing page overview

with regard to the landing page, as we said earlier and explicitly is a sales page once the target customer arrives we expect him to buy the product or subscribe to the service. In this regard, we find two main uses of the landing page. The first is to buy a product you sell by clicking the buy button after reading good product information and watching videos. And second, you can create the page for a social network or service project in which to provide your services.

Squeeze Page

The squeeze page page is not intended to direct sales, but to collect information for the sale itself!

For example, I have a weight loss product at the beginning. I can create a squeeze page where I submit a free e-brochure with tips for a perfect body. And the target customer should put it in his / her e-mail address and then be on my mailing list. Please provide me with more information in order to set up. A landing page for my product and this page does not require any information except to press the purchase button to complete the search.

From the above example, we already see that each page has its own role and should not be confused. But the fact that you are no longer absent is that the pages are complementary to my goal of selling.

The difference between the two pages is crystal clear, the squeeze page page does not require much talk to write to the visitor. The maximum number of words you will write on this page is 450 words. While Landing Page can contain lots of words, videos and images to convince Target customer for the last time and decisively to buy your product.

Which is the best Landing Page or squeeze page?

The question of which is better remains somewhat logical despite the complementary purpose of both pages.


However, the page squeeze page leads the user to the mailing list and requires you to work sequentially and to convince him.

while the landing page can convince the visitor to buy the product from the first glance and summarizes You have the way and if you go without buying you do not have any information or means to retrieve it or try to convince him again he probably will not return to visit.

In the marketing

In the marketing of products, experts recommend squeeze page to collect the addresses of interested people and serialization with them before sending the product page and buy what you offer and look very successful method.

If you decide to directly promote the product, you can run a landing page ad campaign that will convince the target visitors of your purchase decision or rely on traffic from search engines.

The performance of Squeeze Page is much better than the landing page. How do not you first offer a free offer for joining your mailing list.

While the landing page is crucial to your purchase order and there is a large percentage to read to the end and go out to forget your product and perhaps Even if he is interested and the question in this case is how can you retrieve it and you do not have anything about it?

On the other hand, it does not mean that everyone who decided to download your free offer and subscribe to your mailing list after you signed the page squeeze page will buy in the future. You may be one of dozens of idle people ignoring your messages and maybe among those who decide to unsubscribe and perhaps read your messages without any purchase.


Marketing experts in the world agree that a squeeze page is important in the marketing process that leads to your product or service.
That the landing page is the sales page that will lead your subscriber to buy what you offer and if you ignore or refuse will follow with more messages and give him the same product in a new landing page or perhaps an alternative product and solve the same problem.

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