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How to make money online as a freelancer

How to make money online as a freelancer

A Freelancer is profitable so you must be familiar with how to make money online and the ways to be a freelancer.

How you can make money online without paying a penny is okay. you can do it for free and you can make a lot of money.

So E Helper Team is going to tell you 5 different ways of making money online.

I’m going to give you tips and tricks on how to get started and how to make money online. So if you are working full time anywhere, you can make you can start it as full time if you are a freelancer.

make money online
make money online

Ways to be a Freelancer and make money online


Upwork is a pretty popular website for freelancers  you can try that out if you are a programmer or a web developer or an Android developer.

Just sign up and you can get services as you can see. If you are a designer or a writer or if you are a blogger you can also provide your services. you don’t need any special skills. you can do sales and marketing customer service agents or residual assistants.

there are a lot of things going on upward. you can also hire freelancers if you have any work or if you need any help in your business.

Or if you are not a businessman and you need any help with anything. you can hire freelancers at a very cheap rate.

So you can always go ahead and sign up. it’s totally free and you can put your portfolio on that you can also show your skills. 

People come and people hire you or you can go on to different projects. you can do the bidding and get more projects.

and you can make money online just sign up on up work.


Fiverr it’s pretty similar with up work.

you just need to sign up with Fiverr.

it’s totally free as you can see the same thing you can make graphic design digital marketing music and audio different kinds of stuff.

on Fiverr, you can just define your hourly rate and people come and hire you. you don’t have to do any buildings or any kind of stuff.

so you can sign up and you can assure yourself of your profile. Once you will get more projects, you will get good ratings or more status on Fiverr.

Here, people will come and hire you and they will give you more money for doing their projects.

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The next thing is udemy is pretty much popular these days. I saw a lot of people make money online on udemy.

even if you are not a programmer or a software developer. there is no need to worry. you can just go ahead and make any course.

so if I go on to udemy calm let me go to the G let me calm down. If you are not a programmer you can make different courses on different categories because you can see the body language of entrepreneurs.

if I click on it as you can see it’s just this lady selling this for just ten dollars and you check out the students it’s twenty-one thousand four hundred and sixty-six students enrolling in this course.

and just multiply ten by twenty-one 466 and you will get the number. So this course has 4.5 ratings. 

All you have to do is just make a little video series on any topic.

Now, you can sell this on udemy and you can make money online. [Source: Wikipedia]

Envato Market

Envato Market is pretty simple. If you are a web developer or designer or software developer

.you can always go up and sell web templates

So if you are a designer or a photographer.

you can also go to the graphical or photo unit.

Or you can just take pictures and you can sell it online.

it’s pretty simple you can sign up for a model for free.

In the model take some Commission on each sale so you can take 60% and in waddle take 40 %.

they got a million people coming onto their website.

People start to sell their stuff so you can do that. [Source: Wikipedia]

Make money online From Amazon

It’s pretty big ok last year Amazon sells more than 3 trillion dollars of products on Amazon as you can see.

there is a lot of people selling a different kind of stuff.

I searched for socks it’s pretty simple and people are selling these for 10 to ten dollars.

As you can see and let’s just jump on to this or let’s just give let’s just check this out.

As you can see this guy is selling different kinds of socks.

Then he is selling it for nine from nine to thirty-two dollars.

So if you even do multiply in nineteen thirty-nine seventeen with this rating you will get the number and people are selling in millions and it’s a very profitable business and if you don’t have any skills you can always go and sign up on Amazon and you can sell it on Amazon and there is an Amazon Prime you can just ship your products to Amazon distribution center and they will also ship your products and they will just take a little commission on each sale.

So it’s pretty simple and you can make money a lot of money on Amazon.

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