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How to Improve Your Website Speed on Any Web Platform

How to Improve Your Website Speed on Any Web Platform. Whether it’s blogger, wordpress, or others. Speed factor is a key factor in improving on page SEO. It is almost the most important factors that you should focus on so as to ensure your page rank is better for your pages in the search engines. Google favors the fast website and also the next visitor to your website. Because speed factor is one of the most important factors controlling the Bounce Rate. Which of course controls the results of your site especially the sensitive results, which are the results on the first page in Google.

How to Improve Your Website Speed on Any Web Platform

Improve Your Website Speed

I think everybody knows the utility speed so it will not linger. Where we have already explained the importance of the website speed in detail. To get to the heart of the subject first thing to know the state of speed of your site through the following sites in order.

The content transfer network cloufllare

The content will be transferred through the content transfer network cloufllare
For several reasons

  • CloudFlare offers distinctive features for site improvement in terms of speed, protection and most importantly it ‘s freeware.
  • Minimize the additions that will be installed on the roses as little as possible. To reduce the pressure on the server and reduce the size of the page and this is very important.
  • You will create a free account on cloufllare
  • After registering and confirming the account will give you
    • xxx.ns.cloudflare.comxx
    • Copy them and then go directly to the Domain Control Panel on Godaddy or Namecheap
    • Then place them in the NameServers boxPress Save and wait a few hours for the synchronization to complete. The site is permanently restored.
    • Then go to your account at CloudFlare and see this
      Status: Active
      This website is active on Cloudflare
    • So everything was done right

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