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The basic factors for your WordPress speed improvement

WordPress speed improvement is important for your site. Also you need to have a website that serves the purpose. To have the maximum uptime, and availability to visitors from all around the world. Furthermore the appearance that drives traffic, and speed. The website’s speed or its loading time has an effect on the website.


WordPress speed improvement
WordPress speed improvement

Basic factors for your WordPress speed improvement 

There are basic factors to improve your WordPress speed, and consequently enhance the functionality in it. These factors are


WordPress speed improvement
WordPress speed improvement

1-  Image compression

The High-quality in images are very important and having them on your website serves a lot in your WordPress website. Also with serving the functionality of visual tale-telling for your brand, images can make lag issues on your website. Optimizing all the images on your website is easy but maintaining their quality is also is not easy. So you can use JPEG optimizer, or Smush image compression to achieve that factor.

2- Choosing the appropriate wordpress webhosting provider 

Choosing the right wordpress webhosting service is essential factor for the success of your website. The right wordpress webhosting service will make your website secure. You have to make it fast, and reduce frequent downtimes. Also the right wordpress webhosting plan will have a great customer support policy in place and in case of an unfortunate event, things can be restored as quick as possible.

3-  The optimization in WordPress

Optimizing your WordPress website is very important factor. Also You can use these things for your WordPress optimization. These things like Hosting, WordPress configuration, Server Load, Geographical distance on Server, Graphics, Software performance, and Hardware performance.


WordPress optimization
WordPress optimization

4- The implementation in Caching

It is a way to be sure that your website loads instantly on your audience end. Your WordPress website may use caching plugins like WP fastest cache,or W3 Total Cache. In this case if the browser on your users’ ends you don’t have to download all website elements again. Also when they access your website more than once. Caching makes sure that the users have the ability to access the website in a breeze.

5- The investment in a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

You have to invest in a Content Delivery Network. It is important for fast loading time throughout geographical locations. A CDN is a service. It is for making your website far and wide. Also with a quick loading time. CDN makes your website’s data hosted, and this on different data centres from different geographical locations. With a CDN, a visitor from any country will be able to access your website. That in a similar manner as a website visitor from the nearest server quickly.

6- Paying attention to bad links and redirects

Bad links, redirects, and errors has a bad effect on the user-experience on your WordPress site. Also they definitely hurt the server resources.  You have to check these links and eliminate them before they cause the damage. There are tools like Broken Link Checker. This can help you in this.

7- Keeping your WordPress version updated

This factor is very important to have the access to the latest improvements, bug fixes, and other security checks. This is important for your WordPress site’s performance.

8- Removing Plugins that are not necessary

In case of updating the plugins you should have the plugins which are essential. You should remove the plugins which are not important. Plugins which are not necessary cause the load time, and consequently affect your WordPress website.

9- Following Technical steps for increasing your site’s speed

Following these steps are very important to increase your site’s speed. Thses steps are

1- To protect your bandwidth by preventing hotlinking

Hotlinking images from your website will make your server resources drained. Also this has a bad effect on your site’s host, and consequently on your site’s performance. simply you can disable the right click in your WordPress. Also use the built-in hotlink protection tool from cPanel. You can use plugins like the All-in-One WP Security and Firewall.

2- To use GZIP Compression

 GZIP compression can help you reduce the page size on your website by up to 70%. In order to do this you can either set up your host to do it. You can do it through htaccess or you can use a plugin such as WP Rocket for its compression features.

3- To minimize external HTTP requests

Many of HTTP requests means that there are many files on your website. Also many HTTP requests slow down a website. For solving this problem be sure of the present number of requests being made. you can use Google Chrome’s Network panel. Also take care of the file sizes, image sizes. Make the JavaScript asynchronous, and combine the CSS files.

4- To reduce JavaScript and CSS files

If you want this, you should use the WordPress plugin Autoptimize.

5- To enable lazy loading

Enabling lazy loading is a way to enhance your website’s page load time. Also lazy loading is useful if you like simpler things for your WordPress website. Plugins like a3 Lazy Load can be useful.




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