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How to create a landing page in WordPress

Let’s find out the answer to this question: How to create a landing page in WordPress by performing easy steps which you will find them in this article.

How to create a landing page in WordPress

1- Pick a WordPress theme landing page

The first move is to pick a theme for your WordPress landing page.
After, install WordPress, you will find several themes for Envato Elements in the WordPress landing page.
As can be seen from the picture, themes unique to a specific industry as well as commonly can be found, themes that can be used for multi-purposes regardless of the business or your niche that you are in.
Envato Elements has the biggest advantage you can access as many topics as you need for a low monthly subscription, then Certain artistic tools like fonts, stock fonts, and icons will also be available which you can use it to spice up your landing page’s WordPress style.

2- Download and activate the topic

Once you’ve found your theme, complete the purchase and download your files.
In this article, we will explain the Wealth theme as an example.
The WordPress theme wealth landing page provides a variety of landing page models for travel companies, wellness businesses, marriages sites or organizers, creative services, and more.
Sign in to your dashboard for WordPress, then go to Appearance and choose Themes.
Tap New and on the following page, select the theme-containing zip file downloaded.
To install the template, press the Upload button.

Upon completion of the installation process, to make the subject of your landing page live on your web, click Activate.

3- Make an import to Demo Content

Many landing page themes for WordPress are coming with sample content available for import.
Demo content consists typically of several pages filled with predestined and styled text.
The major advantage of demo content is that it accelerates the design time as everything is already in place.

Make an import to Demo Content
how to create a landing page in WordPress

The theme of wealth is no different, so by importing the demo contents, we’ll start with the development and setup procedure.

Move to Appearance then Import Demo Data.

Pick the version you want from the list below and choose whether all options are to be imported, or different choices like Widgets and Style variations.

In this scenario, the Insurance demo and the option to import all the theme options have been selected.

Then click Import demo data and wait until the import is done.

Once imports have been made, to ensure everything looks good, you can visit your website.

4- Set the Landing Page and Style it

Now the demo content is imported, it is time to style your landing page and personalize it.

Let us first discuss the styling features and we will then explore how to customize your WordPress landing page’s content.

Design the landing page for WordPress

If you use the theme of wealth, in your dashboard navigate to Capital Options.

As seen from the following screenshot, may you upload your logo yourself, pick the header and footer template, pick your fonts, colours, and more.

Design the landing page for WordPress
Design the landing page for WordPress

if you use another theme and see no different choices or section theme options on your dashboard,

Move to “Appearance” then choose “Customize”.

You can use the Live Customizer to configure styles and switch colours, fonts and more.

Change the landing page of WordPress

Once you have your preferred visual designs.

It’s time to substitute your own sample contents and to configure the landing page.

As the rich theme was generated using the web developer WPBakery, content editing is just as simple as drag-and-drop elements.

Change the landing page of WordPress
Change the landing page of WordPress

Go to pages then choose “all pages” for the beginners.

Then scroll the page you want to edit and Tap Edit Builder for WPBakery.

Upon upload the front end editor, by clicking on different controls that appear as you float over the page, you can easily edit existing items.

To change the background image in the header field, for example, To make the edits, press Row Settings, then the pencil button.

Likewise, you just need to click on the text you want to edit to change the message.

Click on the (+) icon above to add more things to the list.
More columns and lines, interaction shapes, sliders and other elements can be added.

how to create a landing page in wordpress
how to create a landing page in WordPress

If you have finished updating, click on the button Update and your update appears.

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