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The most important Website Speed Test Tools in SEO

Why are Website Speed Test Tools important in SEO? Website Speed Test Tools is an important factor in determining a site’s ranking on a search results page.

Website Speed Test Tools


It is a primary ranking factor, both in determining the order in the search results of the normal computer or the search results for the mobile. So it’s important that you periodically test your site load speed and every change you make to your site.

Website Speed Test Tools in SEO

The first Website Speed Test Tool: Pingdom


Pingdom is a nice and easy to use tool that can be used without any explanation. All you need to do is set the link of your site and determine the geographical location you want to test the speed of your site. This site is the speed of your site compared to the speed of the sites that have been tested. It tells you, for example, that your site is faster than 30% of the sites tested. and gives you information about the size of the page, the larger content on your page and other useful information that Help you speed up your site. You can try this tool here Pingdom

The second Website Speed Test Tool: Gtmetrix


Gtmetrix in turn gives you important information about the speed of performance of your site, the negative in this site is a bit slower than the previous site, you have to wait a few seconds until the role of your site, the tool analyzes the sites one by one and you have to wait for your turn, but Not in a long time (less than a minute), the site does not have its own speed measurement algorithm but results in Google and Yahoo, if you find the results in two categories: PageSpeed and the results from Google and YSlow, Provide excellent information and advise you to try it out. You can try this tool here Gtmetrix

The third Website Speed Test Tool: PageSpeed


Pagespeed is Google’s official tool for measuring page speed and site speed analysis, since it is the tool used in Google. Since Google is the most important search engine right now, it is logical to test your site’s performance with this tool. The basic goal is definitely to improve the ranking of your site in Google first and in the rest of the search engines. You can try this tool here Pagespeed

The fourth Website Speed Test Tool: Nibbler


Nibbler is the effective Of  tools in SEO in general. The tool is not only competent in measuring the speed and performance of the site. But it gives you a comprehensive report on the site, the report includes the speed and performance of the site that is unique in this tool that they choose five random pages of your site and you test the speed and then give you a report on the most important factors on the pages of the tested pages, including speed. You can try this tool here Nibbler

The fifth Website Speed Test Tool: Webpagetest


Webpagetest is a very powerful tool in terms of the quality of reports you provide and the testing processes you perform. This tool allows you to test this tool from multiple countries of the world. You can also choose browser type, device type, connection speed, and many other options you specify before you start the test. In fact, the reports presented by this tool are professional reports and you may find it difficult to read them, but I recommend testing them is an excellent tool. You can try this tool here Webpagetest

How to use Webpagetest

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