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How to develop your SEO content strategy?


To develop your SEO content strategy, you must focus on some points we will talk about it. just read this article

Firstly, beat the competitors just create a significantly different page and ten times better than the current ranking.

We’ll show you a number of ways to distinguish your content from your competitors.

Before we get there, You have to see what you’re up against.

To see what their strengths and weaknesses are, you have to analyze your competitors.

Do this before you even consider creating your own content, because it’s a lot easier.

We recommend that you create a Google Doc or Word document to analyze.

To develop your SEO content strategy just watch this video:

To develop your SEO content strategy

Here’s an example of how to rank higher on Google in our series. You will need to analyze some key elements.

1. Readability

How to make reading and digesting your content easier?

This is achieved through efficient writing, short paragraphs, multimedia and headings.
Internet users are repulsing with text blocks.
Also, you want to analyze is the content’s simplicity. By asking myself if The content is written for the average person or written for a dissertation.
better on all fronts when there is a simple and also easy-to-read content performs.
Since the majority of your audience in any given industry is “average,” You must write to them, not to your industry’s experts.
But The only exception is if the experts in your field are your target market.

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2. Media

Ask yourself: Are images, videos, or audio used by your competitors?

If not, all of these are strategic benefits for you.
Because we prefer to do what they don’t do.
It is easy to create articles, but it is more challenging to create other forms of media.
because The more challenging it is, the less likely it will be for people to do it.

3. Site Design / UX

Some websites are focused on monetization rather than UX that be an advantage to you.
in organic search, Websites that perform well are usually user and content-centric.
You must remember that searchers come to your website because they are searching for a solution to a problem.
So Helping them is your responsibility, and you mustn’t distract them from their goal.
Because You’ll have the chance to sell something to them, If you give them the requested value.
After having a firm understanding of your competition, You need to know how your content will be differentiated.

4. Word Count

A higher word count is a good idea in most cases.
Get your top five competitors with an average word count, and also double it then.
That’s going to be counting your target word. Such as, If the average competitor’s page contains 1,500 words, A 3,000-word content asset should be created.

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