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In case you’re contemplating getting another site and you continue finding out about sites and aren’t even certain what that is, at that point we can help. To begin with,  let’s take a gander at the inquiry, “what is WordPress” and afterward observe what WordPress can improve the situation you.

WordPress initially began as an open source (free) blogging stage. It’s additionally a Content Management System or CMS.

A CMS is a product program that enables you to deal with the different pages on your site. Before we had a CMS on the off chance that you needed to refresh your site you needed to alter the individual HTML pages in your FTP server.

To influence a long story to short, WordPress gives a free and intense approach to deal with the substance of your site.

for what you can use WordPress ? and how much it cost ?

WordPress began as a blogging stage, BUT these days a substantial number of real sites utilize WordPress for their normal non-blog write site.

This is the considerable part. Since WordPress is open source, it’s thoroughly free. You don’t need to pay anything to set up or keep up the product. Likewise, since it’s a standout among the most prevalent open source stages out there, they keep it refreshed with all the most recent changes and updates done to WordPress that don’t cost a dime.

Would I be able to use my space name, or does it need to have a finishing?

Everybody needs the best domain name for their organization. On the off chance that you have an area effectively chose, at that point there is no reason you can’t utilize it. There’s a major distinction among and In the event that you utilize, at that point you should have your site with them, and your site will have a finishing. On the off chance that anyway you have your site and utilize the WordPress stage, you can have any space name you need.

They absolutely can, yet they don’t need to. Toward the day’s end most locales nowadays have a header segment, and route segment, the primary substance zone a sidebar and a footer. How you style those components can have the effect between a nonexclusive looking WordPress webpage, and a unique, in vogue CMS site.

How does a WordPress site vary from a “real website”?

Many individuals don’t understand that a WordPress site is only a progression of HTML pages, styled with CSS. That is precisely what all sites are comprised of. The main thing that makes WordPress not the same as a webpage you would work with Dreamweaver is that it utilizes PHP ( a programming dialect) to progressively deal with the pages of the site.

Be that as it may, I need my site to be unique and assembled using a format

Here’s a skeleton in the closet most web specialists don’t need you to think about. Indeed, even the most astounding web specialists on the planet, the ones who charge over $50,000 a webpage, still utilize formats. They won’t not call them layouts, but rather what they do is reorder substantial lumps of code they use as a system for the majority of their destinations, and afterward simply add some styling to influence it to look unique. You can do a similar thing with WordPress topics, however for a small amount of the cost.


The realities are that most substantial organizations utilize WordPress to drive their locales. Modify a WordPress site to fit any plan, and it’s cheap and simple to do as such. All in all, what is WordPress? It’s basically anything you require it to be.


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