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Best AdMob mediation networks

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AdMob mediation networks enable you to grow your app

business by driving your ad inventory’s sustainable revenue

so we will talk about the best types of it.

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AdMob mediation networks

Facebook and Instagram advertisements 

So far, Facebook and Instagram are the largest

and most powerful channels to reach a broad mobile user


Facebook and Instagram has many tools and apps which help us on marketing plan. 

Besides being channels for social media, You can run

campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

and target your audience by location, age, gender,

likes & interests, a status of relationships, education

and employment.

Thanks to these two networks, the number of people you can reach is enormous.

They have formats that are very friendly and catchy.

That works with different connection speeds on each device.

You don’t even need a lot of money because depending on your budget, you can run campaigns.

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advertisements on Twitter

Twitter is also a powerful channel for social media.

this works simultaneously as an ad network.

Twitter has also many ways of marketing.

You can set your goals and just focus on what matters to you

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and Show your ad to the people you’re interested in,

that thanks to this channel.

And another advantage is also that you’d only pay for the actions

you want people to do, such as downloading your app, for example.


Tapps offers a solution over all for ad tech

to advertisers and publishers to excel in the acquisition

of users, campaigns for mobile advertising.

[Source: Tapps]

Advertising for fibre apps

Fyber is a platform for income achieved.

This allows CPM and CPA campaigns to be carried out by advertisers and publishers.

Automatic improvement of ad income sources is one of

its best features.

This platform works with Android as well as iOS

and also different campaigns can be run by developers,

such as sharing and installation, In various formats:

interstitial, videos.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a channel of advertising that helps marketers or promulgator place their products at the top of the search results for Google.

This would allow users to see your product whenever they’re looking for something that you’re offering.

You will only charge if someone visits your product page by clicking on your ad.

[Source: Wikipedia ]

The causes of choose AdMob’s ad mediation platform

Allow mediation easily with just a few lines of code.

And also increase your yield by optimizing AdMob’s Ad Network.

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