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Here’s the means by which to execute and utilize Flurry Analytics

Flurry is a free analytics choice. Here’s the means by which to execute and utilize Flurry.

In this instructional exercise, we figure out how to execute Flurry Analytics and track client commitment on the application through a basic case.

Step by step instructions to Implement Flurry Analytics

1. Visit and click the “Sign Up” button.

Fill in your data, pick your stage, and afterward you can give your application a name – this does not need to be your authority application name; only a name you will perceive in your Flurry announcing.

2. Duplicate your novel application key.

Flurry Analytics
Flurry Analytics

After you confirm your email you will be given a one of a kind Application Key. Select and duplicate this key. Disregard the SDK download connect—we have effectively actualized that in your application.

3. In the Mag+ Publish entryway, go to Apps > Analytics configuration.

Flurry Analytics
Flurry Analytics

4. Pick Flurry starting from the drop menu and paste the application key you replicated.

Flurry Analytics
Flurry Analytics

5. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Flurry Analytics
Flurry Analytics

6. (iOS Only) Go to Build Options > Third Party Integrations and tap the container beside “Flurry”.

Flurry Analytics
Flurry Analytics

7. (iOS Only) Click on “Save” to save your settings.

Note: You should modify your application and submit it to your application commercial center keeping in mind the end goal to start getting information.

The most effective method to Get Data from Flurry Analytics

1. Sign into your Flurry account.

Flurry Analytics
Flurry Analytics

2. Click your app name.

3. Take a gander at the data Flurry Analytics gives.

Flurry Analytics
Flurry Analytics

Of course, Flurry will demonstrate to you the great dashboard demonstrating a portion of the best details, for example, clients, sessions and nation dispersion of clients. You can likewise make a custom dashboard.

Over the highest point of the screen (Label 1) you’ll see approaches to fragment this information in light of clients, adaptations of the application or eras.

On the left side (Label 2), you’ll see a menu that incorporates Usage, Audience and Events.

Data Available from Flurry

Flurry Analytics
Flurry Analytics

In Usage, you’ll see information about clients and how they utilize your application. Note this can be sectioned by time, yet not by issue or vertical. Among the details you’ll discover there are:

  • Sessions or visits by district
  • Dynamic Users by day and age and aggregate
  • New clients by day and age and aggregate
  • Session Length, including middle time spent per session and aggregate and middle number of sessions every day/week/month
  • Lifecycle is the quantity of clients utilizing the application once versus more than once
  • Maintenance, which tracks who visits the application more than once in seven days versus new clients
  • Mag+ does not track Page Views here. See Events underneath.
  • Audience, where you’ll find a number of Flurry estimates for the demographics of your readers, including interests, age and gender.
  • Events, where you’ll discover point by point data about the use of your issues
  • Technical is the place you’ll discover data about the gadgets and bearers your clients are on.


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