start to make Website For an effective and working website

here we will speak about making a website to be an effect on your business, the condition to make it, and how to choose the domain and design.

The Website is the electronic space reserved within a server and under a particular Domain name on the Internet. the Internet is a material that can contain text, images, graphics, audio or visual materials, such as songs or videos, Create and design the website in special software and programming languages that computers understand it.  then uploaded and downloaded on the Internet using special programs and specific applications.

making Website For an effective and working website

steps of the Website For an effective and working website, there must be several conditions:

1-Domain Name Registration – Domain – Website, which serves as the name and gateway to the website, called the Internet, and there are thousands of specialized companies that can register and register their name but there are Well-known companies  to refer to them, especially since the domain name is one of the most important foundations of any website, and the loss or loss resulting in serious facts to the owner

best domain
Domain Name Registration

2 – Reservation and allocation of electronic space of a server to host and store the materials of the website, and this space or hosting vary the advantages and sizes as the user desired and the hosting company of this site.

Web Hosting compared and How you make right choose

3 – provide the appropriate design using appropriate software and applications that are handled and understood by the computer and compatible with the protocols and laws of the Web, through which the site can be shown without technical or technical problems.
4 – Take into account the speed of loading when designing any site to facilitate the navigation of the site without any waste of time. It is necessary to register the site on the main search sites such as Google, and Yahoo, to access the site from all Internet users around the world.

making website
making website

Web Design Basics

It is important that the design of the site is good. A site with unique content with a bad design or not up to the user standards would not be of benefit to the user, even if the site is of great design but not good content is worthless, it is important that the two elements – Good design and content Good for the success of the site

Web Design Basics
Web Design Basics

Easy to navigate

The navigation system should be easy and clear to the user and does not require effort to reach the page to access
Browse links should also be visible on the page and prominently
The user must know on any page from the site’s pages to clarify the address in a visible place or to change the color of the page link on which they located
Smooth design and easy loading

Homogeneous design

The pages of the site must be homogeneous, and the user recognized as a page of the site, and even if the internal pages have large differences from the home page, the pages of the site as a whole must be a basic form that can distinguish the user.

Easy to download 

The design of the site should be easy to download. Usually, the web browser does not have the patience to wait for a site to load for a long time, and if it finds it takes more time than usual to leave it,

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