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How to choose if the shared hosting solution is right for you?

There is a few ways to identify if the shared hosting solution is right for you . in the shared hosting solution your hosting account is one of many accounts on the server or group of servers that are maintained by a hosting provider , if you’re new to hosting and watching your budget shared web hosting might be a good place to start . here’s a few things to consider when determining if shared hosting is the right choice for you .

shared hosting solution
shared hosting solution


How to choose the best shared hosting solution ?

Shared hosting is the most common web hosting. It is inexpensive and easy to set up. Also it is suitable for individual websites, like blogs, and portfolios. In general the daily traffic to a small business website doesn’t exceed 2,000 visitors , this means that small business websites typically don’t require a lot of bandwidth or resources to support them , in addition small business websites tend to be more simple and straightforward with fewer website files and data , which in turn means they often do not require a lot of server space or other resources by sharing a hosting server with others shared hosting solutions allow you to get your small business website the power and space it needs at a much lower cost than a dedicated solution .

If you decide that shared hosting is right for you you’ll need to decide which type of shared hosting solution , you want GoDaddy offers three shared hosting solutions cPanel Plesk and managed WordPress each of these solutions offers different features and benefits , you can learn more about all of them on remember , shared hosting allows you to share hosting space and costs with others while helping get the speed and space you need for your small business website .

shared hosting solution is a relatively cheap form of hosting where most websites live like an apartment it often comes with all the necessities like for press hosting web builders email clients etc , but like a real apartment building the trade-off is that you share the facilities with many other people . what you do in your apartment could affect other tenants or other websites burn and like surges and web traffic parking spaces will be part of fine , likewise if you have a lot of parties you’ll probably be talking with building management or the Systems Group about moving to a different space  .

shared hosting solution tends to simply some kind of inferior form of hosting when in fact it’s not it’s the most common form of hosting  on the internet I’d say ninety-nine point nine percent of all the websites out there and in this video we’re going to talk about exactly what shared hosting solution is and now it actually implements so we start with a web server know a web service simply physical hardware  a computer very similar to the computer you’re working on right now and that computer is running an operating system they’re the most common one on the Internet is Linux and in turn that operating system is running web server software and again the most common one is Apache .

The most common combination you’ll find on the internet

So the most common combination you’ll find on the internet and the one I recommend you use is the Linux Apache combination . now we’re going to represent that schematically were just with our little blue box here . so there’s a web server as I said running linux and apache now to make it a website , we need to add web pages to that web server and link those web pages to a domain name .

So here we’ve got the website web server want to want matching or combination and this configuration is only used by very large websites . In other words websites expecting thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of visitors per day it’s used by large companies like IBM Microsoft and people like that but for small business owners or small websites then this configuration is not economical .


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