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Things you should be aware of when reserving a domain

reserving a domain for your site is very easy, but it means a lot strategically for your site. Domain or domain name registration is a simple step like booking a web hosting and comes at a later stage to book hosting for the site owner, but it also means a lot in the long run, it is an important element that has an impact on the success of your site

What do you do to reserve a domain for your site

reserve domain of website
reserve domain of website
  • What do you do to reserve a domain for your site

You should prepair the most important keywords you see it suitable of the domain you are looking for, which in turn reflects the site you intend to build.
When you get this list you can start the search and make adjustments in these words until you reach the available domain that reflects your site.

  • Get a different domain and preferably (.com)

You  never reserve a similar domain with another site, such as registing a domain name from a famous domain name.

registing a domain with the same word
and Make sure to book

If you are want to get visitors to your site, and build a brand for your site, and that your visitors get a good impression through the domain.
If you are interested in these things you should choose only the domain name.
Of course you can buy the same domain with different extensions such as Dot Net and Dot Urge and do a conversion to them in a 301 way domain name dot com.
In fact, although there are now some great sites Dot Net and Dot Urg, however, Internet users still prefer the name of the site dot com.
There are also many who believe that this is the only reliable and legitimate extension.

  • Make your site as short as possible and Easy to remember

The Internet user preferred the name of the domain easy to write and remember and can easily access it.
The short domain also has another great advantage for search engines.
Search engines allow a certain number of characters to appear in search results. The shorter the basic domain URL, the greater the chance of more characters appearing for internal page links.

  • Choose a domain that expresses your site professionally

In fact people naturally tend to create quick impressions through minimal information. You have to be sure that the name is appropriate for the nature of your activity, for example when there is a word marketing in the domain, for example, it will come to mind directly that this site speaks about the Marquette and the methods of selling and buying in general

  • Avoid including numbers or tags in your domain

Sometimes you type the word that you want to get to the domain, for example (Markingtime) and the domain is not available and you have suggestions such as:
Marking-time or Markingtime 2 Avoid these suggestions because they never reflect a professional site.

We will explain how to reverse a domain of only $ 1

the famous Godaddy site in the field of booking hosting, web servers and domain names


Before you start you will need a bank card (MasterCard or Visa) to use to pay $ 1 for the domain you will receive, and you can not use the PayPal account if you want to make use of this offer, but you can use it if you want to pay the full domain price ($ 13) You can also use the Pioneer card or the Neteller card as I used in this explanation

with a detailed descreption and video of how to buy a paid domain with just one dollar

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