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5 tasks a webmaster might be involved in include from google

Here you will find some tasks a webmaster might be involved in include from google (google search console).

and will also learn how to set up Google Webmaster Tools.

Tasks a webmaster might be involved in include

Set up Google Webmaster Tools

In short, If you are prepared to use your website with Google Webmaster Tools but have not yet established it, this is simple, follow these measures only.

– Login to your Google Account or sign up.

– Click the Add a Website button on the webmaster tools.

– Enter the URL of your site and continue clicking on Continue.

– Check your website with one of four techniques, including the upload from your webserver of a tiny file, Add an HTML to the homepage of your website, sign in to your supplier of a domain name, or test your Google Analytics code with Webmaster Tools.

– The Google Webmaster Tools should now configure your website for you to do the following.

– Note, after submission of the sitemap, you’re likely going to have to wait a week or so before Google gathers your website information.

Tasks a webmaster might be involved in include from google 

1- Make sure your site know by Google

In short, if your website just develops and you want to increase its likelihood of being rapidly indexed, start by providing your website with a Sitemap XML.

You should have a link that looks like that: (
once your sitemap is formed.

Go to the Webmaster Tools and Optimization Profile of your website, press Sitemaps.

Click on the Add / Test Sitemap button and enter your sitemap file name in the folder.

After some days, the number of URLs present via a site map and the number of URLs that Google indexes are supposing to begin receiving statistics.

2- Improve user experience when 404 errors fixed

In short, One aspect which can make your website harmful is when followers try to visit a website and get a 404 page didn’t have a mistake.

Google Webmaster Tools makes a note of this when it occurs.

Check the menu for health and click on Crawl mistakes to see your 404 not identified and other mistakes.

A graph and reports of major mistakes on your website are displaying here.

To view your 404 errors, click Not Found.

3- tasks a webmaster might be involved in include: Improve your search on-site optimization

In short, Don’t you know if your website optimized for search engines?

1- See the Optimization menu.

2- press on HTML Improvements.

You will get a report of different on-site optimization problems,

noted on your website by Webmaster Tools.

In short, Click on each item you have connected to know what the problem is, how can I do it? and the issues reported on websites on your website.

4- Demo pages from the Sitelinks search Google for you

In short, brand or Without the HTTP/ or .com web site name.

Assume the number one place of your website, Under your website, you may see several links.

These are links of your website.

In short, Assume that your site is in the first place, under your website, under your website, you could also see several links.

You can’t regulate which links displayed, sometimes

you can monitor which links the Webmaster Tools do not display.

See the Settings menu and press Sitelinks to do this.
You will find a place where you can not demote links under your search links.

Degrading a page such as your privacy policy may result in promoting a new, also more significant page.

5- Creating and Improving Search Content

In short, while you can know what keywords brought users to your website from Google Analytics tools.

You can find out what keywords are responsible for the printing of your site Webmaster Tools,

where the keywords searched where you are,

and how many clicks lead to these impressions.

See the Traffic Menu discover this information, and then click Search Queries.

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