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How to use google trends step by step

To know how to use google trends and make sure that you don’t use Google trends accidentally, here are some tips on how and for what to use it properly.

How to use google trends

Google Trends offers helpful trends in popularity and data visualizations, it’s like any metric, however, jumping to conclusions can be all too convenient, follow the not precise ideas and make out of the molehills mountains, so you should be careful and follow the following:

how to use google trends by Know Parameters of search

If you enter an exploration term, you can use Google Trends to set the parameters you want for your search by four drop-down menus, which we show you the following:

1- Geography

The choice around the world or even the US can provide you with a wealth of data for general SEO keyword analysis.

However, if you want more details, by country or an individual state you can scan.

This is excellent to expand your local SEO efforts into new locations.

2- Time Frame

You should limit the study timeframe to a total of five years.
Google Trends offers data from 2004, but all terms don’t.

You can even create a personalized timeframe, this could really have an effect on the success or optimisation of search terms over the time you have run a campaign.

That being said, if you choose a shorter period of time like a year or less to measure search terms ‘ relative popularity, as the number of quest drops, don’t misread a downward turn.

You will notice that it is routine seasonality if your search frame is extended.

3- Categories

This parameter enables you to propose a broader topic, helping Google Trends to select the correct search data.

If you’re exploring a baseball team from Minnesota, for example,

You don’t like to muddle the data of those who seek twin babies born in Minnesota as a search term.

You can, therefore, choose “Sports” as a category and increase data accuracy.

4- Form of search

You can choose to open queries beyond organic web searches if you want,

Google shopping data, such as picture or news search, is even most popular for YouTube searching.

Both these different types of search can provide valuable insight, according to your research term and purpose.

The different search terms can present under different lenses by playback with different parameters and filters.

Often looking through the right window will give you interesting insights to see what people are looking for now, but even how and why.

Compare contrasts and keywords

One of the common means of using Google Trends is the comparison of two or more terms.

How to choose keywords by research with it, This is a great way to place words in order of popularity and to identify the most precious terms that your business is concerned with.

You may even find words you haven’t known to have been searching so often.

Such keywords can be taken, examine what are the most common and it’s unusual for you and your competition to optimized.

When popular search terms are not used by brands so popularly, the biggest SEO wins can be found.

Low competition in SEO means that little effort is needed to rank well.

how to use google trends by Opportunities for finding seasonal keywords

Some terms have expected increases and decrease based on year time.

In short, we’re looking for summer sunscreen, in winter search for scarves, pastels in spring and all of the pumpkin spiced in autumn.

These are clear ideas, but the exact point of time when, is much less obvious.

Not all terms are governed by actual seasons or changes in weather in these times.

For many subtler and less predictable reasons, other conditions of the season happen.

These can be hard to detect with a tool like Google Trends, although it takes a close eye.

Furthermore, because of the subtle, less apparent existence, the advantage of capitalizing on them can be greater.

Few people are aware of these patterns, which means that the chance is more precious.

how to use google trends by Find new, related questions

Take stock of trend lines and compare the prominence of several keywords.

Not to mention that it’s amusing, particularly in the harsh debates Coke vs. Pepsi, McDonald’s vs. Burger King, or vs. all.

However, you have to scroll down the page one of the most valuable Google trends resources,

the ‘ related issues ‘ and ‘ related queries ‘ sections shall found until you find.

If you are looking for new blog content inspiration or new keywords, it could be a great tool.

Related topics show you other talks and concern the audience might like to discuss,

Other keywords related to the term that you entered are related questions.

This is how Google Trends divides the best terms and questions to optimize the search engine, such as which appear in the following image:

how to use google trends
how to use google trends

But when you turn the slider from “edge” related questions to “up,” Here is the real power.

It shows breakout words that become popular in Google Search quickly.

Take into account the differences between top and increasing content marketing queries

how to use google trends.png


In most cases, the words “top” are obvious and things in your content that you’re already implementing.

However, the rising, breakaway terms can not be so clear and will give way to a good perspective of the keywords that people now use.

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