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Google Dance for Big Rank – Make Google dance

Make Google dance


What Is The Google Dance? I’m going to explain to you the concept of Google dance. And what this means. So basically have you ever been checking your search engine rankings? And notice that you bounced from page one to page 32, page 4 may be back to page two. Then back to the bottom of page one. Basically, you’re bouncing and dancing all over the place.

Google Dance

What does Google dance mean?

If you notice that here’s what I need you to understand about that. when that’s happening that’s a good sign meaning you’re having the Google dance happen to you. You’re going from position one to position. our page one to page 32 page two and you’re just kind of going all over the place. Not settling that’s a good thing because what you got to look at that as is Google as a throne. If you’ve thrown up in the air and picture your dust and you’re thrown up into the air. You’re just looking for a place to settle so the whole point.

How important is the keyword on Google dance

keyword on Google dance

When you’re in the Google dance like one of our existing members here for the keywords walnut creek real estate. They are in the Google dance for a good two to three weeks. When he was going to the bottom of page one and he would go back to page three page 2 etc. Now he’s consistently on the bottom of page one. What was happening? He was doing all this blogging and everything. When he would get noticed on to page one that was a hint from google. Whatever you’re doing is working in work we’re tracking and we’re viewing it as being worthy of being on page 14. You’re given keywords however it needed to be done more and more.

Why Should You Care about google dance?

Consistently so the whole point is when you see your rankings jumping all over the place. Just understand that the higher the highest that it goes means. That google is seeing something on your website that is determining can keep yourself in that position. On top of that your other items like maybe you’re doing content a lot and it’s getting you of rankings boost. Then you end up falling backward again in the pages well that means that you did.

How important is the content on Google dance?

content on Google dance

Your content which is good but google goes through the rest of your site. It’s noticing that. You don’t have many links pointing to your site so I end up putting you back. The whole point is when you’re doing the Google dance here’s what you need to do. What you’re doing evaluate your actions are you doing a lot of blog postings? what are you doing link building that’s causing you to do? The dance sporadically and whatever you discover in yourself that you’re doing. It’s making me do the google dance. What you need to do is start doing some link-building items with it as well so that way you get both.

How to Make Google Dance

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