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Steps To Attract Potential Customers Through Dynamic Content

Attract Potential Customers Through Dynamic Content

Approximately 72% of marketers stated that content marketing increases engagement in research compiled by the Content Marketing Institute. Despite the fact that most marketing teams employ content as part of their marketing efforts, around 63% do not have a predetermined content strategy, an additional 19% plan on creating one, and around 6% do not have plans to adopt a defined strategy. Only 37% have a documented strategy that includes regular analysis of campaign ROIs and the creation of dynamic content that differs considerably in quality from that provided by competitors. If you are currently working on your content strategy, what factors should you take into account to ensure that your content captivates your target audience?

Repurposing Content Into Audio And Video Material

If you already have a healthy content bank and you know which content was most consumed and shared by your audience, think about ways you can convert written content like blogs or reports into audio and video material. Video and audio increase content value because their reach is so expansive. Around 104 million people now consume podcast content regularly, while Zenith Media predicts that the average person will spend over an hour and a half every day watching video content in 2021. Oberlo reports, meanwhile, that the demand for video is increasing, with 54% of consumers reporting that they wish to see even more video content from the brands they support.

Steps To Attract Potential Customers Through Dynamic Contentok Ads Manager

Ensure Your Content Is Measurement-Centric

Your audience is the ultimate arbiter regarding the quality of your content. Anything you produce should be measured so you can identify the essence of what your audience wants from your website or channel every time they click. Employ the appropriate software to work out the number of unique visits, the geographical location of your audience, and the devices your audience is using to view what you upload. You should also analyze the number of times audiences are actually consuming your content since a high bounce rate negates the positive effects of a high click rate. Just a few free tools you might find useful include Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Buzzsumo, and MozBar.

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Offering Content Upgrades

Offer specialized content to readers in exchange for their contact information. Doing so is seen as a proven way to boost conversions, with some companies reporting a conversion rate of up to 800%. Content upgrades can be in the form of PDF files containing essential findings and resources, transcripts of video content, or downloadable reports. Offering content in a PDF version can cause your conversion rate to boom because it allows readers to consume the content when they have free time.

Producing cracking content is an important component of modern marketing teams’ strategies. To ensure your efforts produce the required results, creating a set strategy is key. Just a few components of this strategy can include repurposing content into audio and video material, measuring the results of your efforts, and offering content upgrades so audiences can consume vital information in their own time.

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