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Types of Content Writing and How to Create a Unique Content


The main problem facing every site owner or blogger is. How to create a Unique content that attracts readers and makes them eager to follow up on the whole new site. As well as how to market this content and publish it as widely as possible and attract more readers and followers of the site

Content is KING

How to Create a Unique Content

In this topic we will take Types of Content Writing creating unique content. Content is always the king, as the professionals have been saying for years. And it is the most important element in the building of sites, whether profitable or not. Without unique content, no site can succeed.

Types of Content Writing

Many read the word “Create Content” first something that comes to mind written texts “articles”. But this is a somewhat incomplete view. The content is much more general and comprehensive, and it has many different types and forms.

Create a Unique Content ” Articles”

Which is what you are reading now: and depends on the way to connect the idea or information on written texts. So the owners of this type of content may face some problems in delivering what they want such as different languages and cultures and also the variance of dialects within a single language. The loss of very large numbers of target audiences may result in different language or dialect.

Text Content

This type of content is spread mainly in blogs and websites, and some social networking sites such as Facebook and Google Plus. This type is the most powerful and most popular among other content types.

Visual Content

It depends mainly on the visual interaction and the way you view the image and read and understand what it symbolizes. And this type of content is spread a lot on networks and social networking sites, especially Facebook and Binterest.

The images displayed may be deaf, or have short texts such as sentences or spoken words. The image may have many texts in the form of complete steps or lessons, in this case called Infographic.

Audio Content

The radio is my first passion. So many create content professionals in the past years have gone to the create audio. Which mainly depends on the interaction with hearing in the form of short episodes that you can listen to anywhere.

With mobile phones that support audio playback. You can download a lot of audio clips and podcasts on these devices and listen to them anywhere. And you can access many of the sites that offer this kind of content, most notably the Sound Cloud site.

Multimedia Content

The video is the preferred and the most interactive type of content. Because it addresses the hearing and sight at the same time and can be explained through the video detailed and interactive of many things that are difficult to explain in other ways. And the most important and largest site for the manufacture and dissemination of videos is the site of YouTube.

In the next video we will identify 5 other Types of Content Writing

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