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How to prevent duplicate content on your website?

For Google, the highest level of interest is the user. Thus, it always seeks to provide the best browser experience. And when two duplicate content are repeated in the search results. Where the article appears directly behind or even on the same page. This can cause the user to feel resentful. The moment that this article is published in more than one site it becomes duplicate content relative to Google. Here the problems start and it can lead to your site being penalized by Google.

duplicate content

What do we mean by duplicate content?

What we mean by duplicate content is an article or any written material on the site. That has been replicated in other sites.
It does not matter if this content or article is yours or you own legal rights or copyright on this article. Content?

But why do they behave in Google like this? What I am guilty of is that I wrote a good article and another stole it and posted it on its site.

Because he will consider that he wasted his time in the search process and got the same result. This can lead to a loss of user confidence in the search engine, which is what they will never allow in Google.

How Google returns the right to the owner of the original article?

Suppose you wrote a valuable article and tired of writing it and it took you a lot of time and after several days found that your article “values” was published in more than one site. What do you do then?

Will your site be penalized for repeating content?

The answer is no, things do not go that way. Google knows who is the owner of the original article and by reference to the history of archiving. The first article that appeared in the archive is considered the original article and all that follows it is content copied.

What do you do for Google to discover the content of your website first?

  1. We always make a link to the news or new article on the homepage to be archived quickly. And thus guarantee our rights to it.
  2. Make sure the site you are posting to is a friend of Google. Which takes into account all the laws and conditions and thus also ensure the speed of supervision and clear rights to the article.

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