What is Data Center? And how to configure your computer to be a server

There are those who do not know what the data center? And its components? How does it work? how to configure your computer to be a server This is the first time that you have heard about Data Center, a data center … In the heart of our article today, we will remove the information you need to know about the data centers, its mechanism and components, and make you understand all the information

Data Center
Data Center

What is the Data Center?

Data Center is a group of large buildings consisting of many servers and servers that operate 24/24 day without interruption for both Internet and electricity, so that this building is equipped with the latest technology and the highest Internet access with air conditioners To provide adequate temperatures for the servers. Of course it is the basis for the work of hosting companies

Data centers consist mainly of:



Its mission to connect servers, it consists of a router and switch to run the IP protocol (ip protocol) to facilitate the transfer of data between servers and the outside world.


Printing As we have already mentioned, servers and air conditioners need energy sources to operate. Here, we find a special place in Data Center that is isolated from the servers. It provides the Data Center with power, and connects the power to the servers via UPS. Uninterruptible Power Supply) and the possibility of storing energy to run for use during power outages.


The servers consist of:
File Servers: These servers contain files for each person.
Security Servers: Dedicated server for protection
Web Servers: This server is used to communicate with the alias who enter the pages inside the server.
Server Database: A server is only dedicated to databases or what is called DataBase
Domain Controller: helps to give each server a private domain to organize the process of communication and management

types of Data centers

1- The Private Data Center (Enterprise) is characterized by complete and permanent control of the company on its equipment, data and internal and local networks, and the company can optimize the center to suit its requirements and maintain the flexibility of its work for easy modification according to the environment environment and the most important advantage of this type is the lack of competition between the company and other companies on The priority of service as it gets in the other type.

2- The collocation data center is characterized by controlling the cost and keeping it in the minimum and emptying specialized companies in the fields of information to focus on its own work and leave attention to the affairs of the third party IT and provide the possibilities of storage buffer and excess capacity, And simplify the process of enlarging or reducing the network where there is no need to buy or sell shortfall or surplus, but only modify the specifications of the lease.

To configure your device to be server:

Start with this program (XAMPP) which will make your computer server.
Note: It is not a requirement that you have an xampp server. You can either upload the camel server or any web server, and if you have a server in advance, go beyond this point.
XAMPP will provide you with:
1-Web server apache.
2. MYSQL databases.
3 – PHP language libraries.
(Including plug-ins for Perl, Python, Cocoon for xml, Tomcat for SP,

for windows click here

for lenux click here

After downloading the program from (xampp contol panel) run apache and mysql by clicking start and please flag on Svc
To access the server, type http: // localhost on the browser
And place your files that you want to upload online here:
c: \ Program Files \ xampp \ htdocs

To access the site in the safe way https: // localhost
The files will be located in
c: \ Program Files \ xampp \ security \ htdocs

Ftp and ftp: // localhost
c: \ Program Files \ xampp \ anonymous

Now go to the CD and select the Program Files folder
Then enter the xampp folder
Then enter the htdocs folder

And delete this two files : index.html and index.php
Then download this compressed file http://majed.in/files/index.rar
You will find inside it a file named index.html
Or make any page of your own in FrontPage.
Then place the index.html file inside the folder in the image above.

for more details watch the video


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