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The secrets ways to increase free traffic From Your site

Get Traffic To Your Site

The importance of increasing traffic to the site to the importance of the success of each website comes from the basics. So what is the point of having a site without traffic? If the purpose of creating a website is you will definitely want to get traffic to your site.

The more traffic to your site, the better you will be able to make a profit from your website. In fact, there are many ways to increase traffic sites, and there are also many aspects that can categorize the traffic types through them. In this article, I will try to include you with the most important ways to bring traffic with an explanation of each method.
increase traffic site and traffic types

The secrets ways to increase traffic site

You should be aware here that I will often put you in links to explain each way to increase traffic site in detail. The ways of increasing traffic are split into two main types

  • Free traffic
  • Paid traffic

Free Traffic

They are unpaid Traffic and are brought in completely free, but they need more time and effort than paid Traffic.
All sites that allow and allow users to share or communicate with other users are a convenient way to bring free Traffic.
This is in addition to Traffic to the free search engines.

1- Free traffic search engines

Traffic that comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is considered free traffic.
You are the owner of a site that does not pay for them.
If you own a website that offers a certain value or information or anything that you are requesting.
You will increase traffic from search engines by searching Internet users about the topics covered by your site.
Google, for example, will show your site in search results and increase traffic.

2- Free Social Media Traffic

You know very well how powerful Social Media sites are in sharing information and connecting users.
With Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter. You can create pages and groups that share certain interests and bring visitors to your site completely free of charge.

3- Free forum traffic

Many forums allow you to place a specific link you choose as a signature for each publication you publish in the forum.
If you are shopping for slimming products, for example, you can subscribe to all slimming forums and share the rest of your product.

4- Article Traffic

There are sites that specialize in publishing articles, through which you can write an article on a particular topic and they publish it on their site.
Through this article, you can get visitors and market your product by referring to it in the article you write.
Ezinearticles is the most popular site where you can publish your articles, and then you get free visitors to your site.

5- Add “Share Triggers” To Your Content


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