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Three ways should increase your website traffic and blogger traffic

Many people wonder how to increase their website traffic or increase the number of visitors to the blogger and they do not know where visitors come from. All you know is a word called SEO or they hear about e-marketing but do not know what it means. And how SEO helps increase website traffic or blogger traffic.

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3 Ways used by the person to get what information or something that is given to buy over the Web

When someone wants to find a website to take advantage of the information they provide. Or for the purpose of buying. It accesses that website by three ways.


  • The first way: It is to find the site through search engines and using Google or Yahoo or others in search.
  • The second way: Through existing ads for your site in other sites free of charge and paid.
  • Third Way: Access the site by nominating a friend to this site. Or reading articles that talk about your site and serve you.

Ways to increase your website traffic and blogger traffic

There is no doubt that the first way is the best and most successful ways. Any use of search engines and work on creating the site to occupy the highest ranking Google. 90% of people using the Internet use search engines to access websites. Only 10% use other ways to access websites, information and goods online.


increase your website

This means that the user is using the search engine. Here are two possibilities:

  • First: find your site in the top ranks of the search results
  • The second: find other sites in the advanced rank and find an advertisement or article for your site. Then visit your site through if you put backlink for your site is included.

In both cases, your site came through search engines directly or indirectly

You will learn over time how you can show your site in advanced results with keywords specific to your site. Targeting another category of users by targeting other search terms through e-marketing. You choose other targeted keywords within an ad in a blog or forum or in an article that you have not used on your site.

SEO is in constant need for continuous e-marketing activities

In fact, the use of search engines is much better than other means of increasing the rate of visits to the site. Many business owners, websites and large companies prefer to use search engine techniques to use other methods such as mailing lists, articles and advertisements in other sites and advertise with Google which is the ad for each click.

Tip to increase your website traffic and blogger traffic

Beside your interest in configuring the site for search engines. Try placing ads in the most popular sites. You must know that SEO without e-marketing has little success. Wan e-marketing is an integral part of SEO and site creation and increasing traffic number of visitors.

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