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The best Ways to increase traffic on your site for free

Today, we’ll talk about ways to increase traffic on your site for free without having to pay extra fees or resort to illegal methods.

5 ways to increase traffic on your site for free

increase traffic on your site

1. Conduct Traffic Analysis periodically and very accurately

Conducting traffic analysis periodically and very accurately is very important. The importance of knowing the nature of the interactive public participating in the site. Its location and the nature of the content involved should be a major factor in predicting how to increase traffic on your site or through social media.

Traffic Analysis

Some programs analyze everything that is displayed on the site. It measures the prevalence and popularity of content by comparing the number of internal views.

  • Resulting from your click on a particular link through a page
  • By the number of social views
  • Through posts via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and various search engines.

2. Have long-term goals

long-term goals

Here lies the importance of focusing on 3-5 years when talking about productivity. So plan to build your future and do not make the number of Likes received for what is displayed on your site is an obstacle to achieving your ambition. You must learn from your mistakes and adapt to keep going.

3. Personal Experiences

People generally tend to share the information you talk to them about? That is, people are looking for human content in what they share on those websites. When you present a personal topic, you start the conversation. For example, when the article is entitled (21 Questions Couples Learn When They Live Together for the First Time), such a title will be shared by couples and they are happy because it will bring back happy memories. Even if they disagree on the above points, To share it to indicate their differences with some points. It is important to note the importance of the validity of the content presented. For example, the above article has gained real meaning because it is a real personal experience.

4. Make content short


During an interview with BuzzFeed President John Steinberg, the content presented should be short, but how much? Videos for example are supposed to be approximately 30 seconds because most people do not have the time or interest to watch a clip of 5 minutes, as do photos and written articles.

In general, people like to go directly to the main point. It has been observed that when the content is clear, meaningful and fast-paced, people tend to share it via social media. This explains the speed of the transmission of images and diagrams, Understanding and understanding.

5. Foundations of society

People usually tend to interact with content on the condition that they are not of a consumer nature, so you find a lot of interaction with short questions on Facebook, which makes it fun to interact with the website.

At the same time, it is not limited to fun and games. But to build interactive communities on the sites. Allowing people to interact and comment on the content displayed in Disqus’s interactive commentary technology. which is very important. Because a fixed angle for comments increases the spread and popularity of the content displayed.

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