How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting Company ?

Are you looking for the best WordPress Hosting Company for your WordPress website ?!  I think I’ve got the answer for you because I host the websites and I’ve hosted a WordPress Hosting website for quite some time now I want to share with you some of the differences between a shared host and a managed host and the importance of that and then talk a little bit about the manage hosts that I use so as we all know or at least most of us know your basic hosting plan works a little bit something like this you have your domain you have your WordPress Hosting the domain is what people type into their browser to be connect to your hosting and your hosting is where your website all of your graphics all the code all of that junk lives .


Wordpress Hosting
WordPress Hosting

Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting Company !

When you sign up for wordpress webhosting. One of these shared hosting plans something like  all the big company names  . when you sign up for one of those plans you basically see onto a server with hundreds or even thousands of other websites and all the resources all of the speed of that server everything the bandwidth  sharing between all these different websites so if somebody else’s wordpress webhosting not your own is sucking up a ton of the resources you are going to suffer on the side because well all the resources aren’t there for your website they’re going to somebody else because you’re part of a shared hosting plan it’s just kind of in the nature of what it is and customer service and things like that generally are not very good with some of these lower priced lower end share hosts they might be great to  start with but they’re really not a great long-term solution and they’re certainly not great if you have a business or interested in selling product and need like a rock-solid stable solution for your website .

How to Choose a professional WordPress Template

WP Engine ,, The Best wordpress webhosting Digital Platform .

Let me introduce you to the company that I’ve been with it’s a company  WP engine they’re very WordPress Hosting centric if you have a wordpress hosting site which many of us do they in my opinion the best hosting that’s out there there are what managing hosting think of it as like a method of hosting where you’ve got your website somewhere and you have a whole team of people that are watching over it making sure that it’s optimizing that it’s backing up that’s just protecting I’ve had tot vid on WP engine for over three years now we’ve never been down a single time the website doesn’t go down when I get traffic spikes I can have tens or hundreds of thousands of people click through to my website the website will not go down it’s not like these other hosts where you go down you lose a bunch of money because you’ve lost a bunch of traffic which turn to paying customers ,, it’s not like that WP engine will allow you to kind of scale and handle a few hundred people or tens of thousands or millions of people as well .

what you get as just a customer

I”ll give you a quick rundown of some of what you get as just a customer a guy who runs a shop who needs a website for his business or her business or if you’re a web designer some of the advantages to working with a managed host and in my opinion working with WP engine

number one is just peace of mind you don’t have to worry about anything you can do your business .

Your hosting is taking care of you don’t worry about waking up in the morning and realizing your website’s down and not knowing where to turn or where to look to  fixed  it .

You don’t have to scramble to call your web developer and worry that he’s on vacation or out busy you know getting in trying the newest latte at Starbucks or whatever it may be WP engine has it covered.

You also get continual support the customer service is amazing they’re always doing maintenance and upgrades and security to the server system to make sure that your study is secure and rock stable just steady consistency and ease of mind is really what this is all about not .

WP Engine has many features which let you know about the inner workings concerning WordPress, and its data structure.For instance The Content Performance plugin pulls raw data from Google Analytics and optimizes it for the WordPress. This process lets you know which pages, tags, and categories are performing the best in your website.


Only that and actually speaking of ease of mine every day your website is backed up it’s backed up to an off-site location which ensures your data is not only just digitally safe but physically safe and if something does go crazy wrong it’s one click to restore to it to a specific point to bring your whole website back boom it’s that easy it’s so fast it’s so simple it’s so easy to do you don’t even have to be a web developer or web designer to do it so the whole system is built with WordPress Hosting in mind .

Try to Sign Up with WP Engine from HERE .






About WP engine

One of the cool things about WP engine ,, if you’re a web designer or developer is you can’t you have a whole staging area we’re very easily one click one click staging is what they call it you can set up a staging area where you and your client can preview a website that you’re building on WP engine and make all the changes in like a real-time live environment and when it’s time to publish the website you know again boom a couple clicks and it’s posted live easy breezy no hassle no frills it’s pretty awesome you can also very quickly and easily import a site that’s that’s being hosted somewhere else on the web into WP engine so you can use WP engines testing and development environment to work on the website and preview the website very very easily .

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