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How to make your Blog Readability

Making your Blog Readability and pages readable is fun and beautiful is the most important factor of ranking and SEO in the search engines, which many ignorant. We always say, “Design and generate content for the user, not the search engine. So pay attention to page layout and page content is the number one in the world of SEO. Reading words in an article is not easy for the reader.

How do I make my Blog Readability and Interesting?

make your Blog Readability

Let’s put our own little place for the visitor

We will put ourselves in the place of the visitor who enters the 5-star hotel and expects to find everything he asks and wishes. The first view is the most important when entering the page. He wants to see things that are consistent, easy to understand, easy to read, clear titles and a page that is coordinated and divided into several sections that make it easy for the user to move to the place he wants.
What most frightens the reader to see are the words embedded behind each other in many paragraphs. Damage and spin around the idea to bring the reader to what he wants after reading a marathon article of 3000 words. So how do I make my blog enjoyable and readable?

I will give you several tips I learned during my work. And also some of the other articles and references I have read in this area. The tips are:

  • The clear goal of the page

The title of the article is the first thing a visitor will see from a page. Therefore, the title must be a summary of what is on the page and clear without circumvention and try to stifle it with deception. For example, we want to write an article in which we talk about the “Samsung S7 Full Edge Device Specification”. The title will be clear and its goal is clear. It is the definition of the user by specifications. Some people write another address for the purpose of attraction, such as “leaking new specifications for the Samsung S7 Magic Edge”, will enter and read the standard specifications we all know. This time the visitor entered. But then he will not believe you because he will know that you are attracting him only.

  • Easy language understandable

In case the reader finds incomprehensible words in many jargon and spelling mistakes. You will feel the extent to which the author neglects the content quality and goes out to look for another result. In our web, for example, English is the easiest, most comprehensible and widespread.

  • Short sentences

Make sure that the sentences in which the reader is addressing are short. Long sentences are boring and the idea may be lost and increase the likelihood of water errors (and grammar if written in English). The long sentence contains more than 20 words, and the short sentence is less than that.

  • Use transition word

Yes make reading enjoyable and push the reader to move from one sentence to another and paragraph for a second. The words of transition are (and most importantly that, plus, and thus). As well as other phrases that entice the visitor to sail in the article from the first to find himself in the last paragraph because of the smooth style of writing. And make the article interconnected between the paragraphs without distraction.

  • Colors and sub-paragraphs

The use of colors during writing has the effect of magic on the reader and make it melts inside the words and control it to read what you want. And reference to sentences and important words in the paragraph. Using Subheading, such as “H1-H2-H3”, helps the visitor move to the paragraph he is looking for without having to read the full article to get what he wants. It is known that the eye is the one who issues the mood commands of the brain. So when the reader enters and finds the format, the words are easy and the colors and sub-paragraphs. It will take an initial impression of the page admiringly which will remain entrenched for a long time within the brain. Any search engine results or social networking sites are clicked with confidence.

  • Use images and videos

According to my experience I see that there are two types of people. The first concerns the title of the page to determine its purpose and quality. And the second is concerned with the main image of the page to understand the content of the page quickly. So the use of visual content is very necessary. The existence of words just above each other will make the page bleak and disgusting and we are not reading time. Without attracting the eye of the reader and his brain, we can not force him to complete the march inside the site. See the vast difference between these two pages.

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