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How to use Blogsy app for blogging on the iPad

The iPad may at long last be a true blue blogging instrument, because of Blogsy.

Prior this late spring, I expounded on utilizing BlogPress and WordPress on the iPad and observed both applications to be restricted.

Blogsy, then again, is completely included yet simple to utilize – and definitely justified even despite its $4.99 cost.

Enable me to walk you through utilizing the application in this short instructional exercise.

here the steps to use Blogsy

When you dispatch the application, you’ll see a huge work territory with an organizing menu along the best and a segment of symbols to one side.

Swipe sideways on the work zone and you’ll switch between a rich word processor (Rich Side) and a HTML manager (Write Side).

The Write Side has a dim foundation and is the thing that you use to enter content, alter HTML, and glue insert codes.

The Rich Side has a white foundation and is utilized to move pictures, recordings, and connections;

design content; and change pictures and recordings.


To begin, tap the rigging and-pencil symbol in the upper left corner.

It calls up a menu where you can give the post a title, spare a draft, pick a distribute date, and include marks (otherwise known as labels).

From this menu, you can likewise open spared drafts by tapping the Local catch along the best and alter distributed posts by tapping the Online catch.

you can link it to your Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube accounts

The symbols running down the correct side are utilized to connection to your Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube accounts.

There is likewise a symbol for Google Image Search, which you can use to snatch pictures for your posts,

and another for perusing your iPad’s photograph display.

On the off chance that you select a photograph from your iPad, you can transfer it to Flickr, Picasa,

or your WordPress Media Library.

To transfer a photograph, basically tap on it from the review segment,

drag it to the envelope of your picking, and hit the “Tap to transfer” interface.

You’ll at that point have the capacity to drag transferred pictures to your post in Blogsy.


You can likewise drag pictures straightforwardly from a Web site.

Tap the compass symbol in the right-hand section and a little window slides out.

Enter a URL at the best, tap on a picture from whichever website you are survey, and drag it over to the Blogsy work territory.

It makes it too simple to abuse copyright laws.

Service Settings button

Underneath the symbols along the correct side is a rigging symbol in the corner.

Tap on it to call up the settings menu.

From here, tap the Service Settings catch and you can pick your blog stage: WordPress, Blogger, or Posterous.


Thumbnails show up in another restricted section to one side,

and you would then be able to drag them into your post.

Just by dragging the photograph, you can choose to adjust it to one side, right, or focus of your post.

how to publish your blog through Blogsy

To publish, you can tap the apparatus pencil symbol and hit the Publish fasten or simply swipe with three fingers to get to a distribute menu.

The main blame I have discovered so far with Blogsy is that it much of the time crashes when I endeavor to add names to a post. On the off chance that you continue labeling to a base

iPad bloggers should discover parcel to like about Blogsy.


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