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Web banner ads, Four Golden Rules to create them

Web banner ads are very important in affiliate marketing. you can increase your sales through the banner. Web banner ads are basic in affiliate network. Also they are defined from the quality, and catchiness if the link will receive traffic, and more customers or not. The skill in creating, and placing in banners is very important to boost sales in affiliate marketing. So we are talking about four tips for increasing your sales in affiliate marketing through creating web banner ads.


Web banner ads
Web banner ads

Web banner ads, Four Golden Rules to create them to increase your affiliate marketing sales

Web banner ads
Web banner ads

1- To have the suitable design for some websites

In affiliate marketing the banner should be suitable for the site design. Also it should be natural in look in size. It should be suitable not bigger or smaller. In color it should be appropriate. Also in image it should be natural. There are many people do not like banner. If they find different elements from the design rest, they will think well before clicking. The visitor will click on the website if there is a banner that is a part of the website.

2- To choose the appropriate image

If your banner has images in high quality, this thing will be good for the banner. You can have a try to select good, and dynamic photos. These photos to be in match with the content you develop. Furthermore there is another important element concerning banner is the contrast in color. You should have different parts in image. You should not use the font color that will disappear against the background. It will lose your banner purpose, and the visitor will be not in interest. You can add a defined call to action button to make the visitor have no chance to miss it. Also In designing banners there are two essential factors legibility, and appeal. Imagery should be attracted for any visitor. It should make the client understand that there is something they want behind the link.

3- To do your research

The banner that is in a good design will not do much good if it does not be suitable for the target people. To be sure not to do this mistake before you start to design it. For this you have to do your research. this research is about who are your most important clients? what things do they like? Also what is to attract their attention? What imagery will appeal to them? Make a check for your competition, and partners. Also what are the popular banners’ denominators they use? What are the tips that can you use to involve your target people who use banner ads in affiliate marketing in your niche? All these things proved their efficiency, and can guarantee the good effect. Before you try something new you should now what already works, and design banner ads on it.

4- To put in your mind the banner’s size

Everywhere there are a few good banner sizes that are in use. For example 300* 250 px or 320*50 px. Also there is some industry specific formats. Be sure that the banner design fits one of these sizes.  you design your banner using a desktop computer,but you should check how it is going to look on the mobile. Also you can use website visualization tools. It is to test how how the banner will look on different devices. For the mobile you should put in your mind the banner size, and the dimensions. You should make it too heavy, and it will have the influence on the loading time.



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