Crypticcoin to be the next big thing in cryptocurrency world

Crypticcoin is new in the blockchain world. Crypticcoin wants to get into the market with a revolutionary and rather nonconventional approach. Most coins are through ICOs, but Crypticcoin will launch through a FreeCO (Free Coin Offering). Also, it is whereby the early adopters can receive prizes in the form of free coins.

Crypticcoin is the next big thing in the cryptocurrency world

With the existence of new cryptos, there are rising cases of scams and ICOs that bring investors hard-earned cash and then disappear. Such occurrences have increased doubts about cryptocurrencies. But here in Crypticcoin, you do not have to worry about all these problems. A free is a low-risk method for new adopters to have a try in cryptocurrency trading. Since there is no investment in obtaining the first coins, there is nothing to lose. But in fact, the investor can have some currency to gain.


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The Key Features concerning Crypticcoin

1- Secure Wallets

Crypticcoin has its own secured wallet. This will make the investor store private keys. The investor can store them safely from the eyes of hackers, and online scammers. Cyber criminals are continuing to up their games. So crypticcoin utilizes the most cutting-edge technology to make top-class encryption available. There are many scams from hackers. These scams are with offers and promotions for the investor that require payments towards cryptocurrency. But they do not necessarily have to access the investor’s wallet.

2- Legal Compliance

There are some countries that have implemented anti- anonymity legislation. That happened because of the existence of many illegal, and harmful activities that involve currency transactions, whether online or offline. This cryptocurrency will come with a flexible feature that makes the currency transaction through a public ledger. Also, transactions will be in a transparent manner in which anybody can access the records on the ledger. Thus traders can enjoy all the other features concerning crypticcoin even in restrictive countries.

3- Anonymous Transactions

Users in this cryptocurrency can send and receive funds in an anonymously way. These days governments want to access private information, and citizen’s activities. This is a violation of some civil rights, and crypticcoin to provide a safe shelter from these threats. There are many cryptos that claim to be secure. But actually, they do not have full proof protection in transactions and user information. For example, there are some cryptocurrency exchanges that do not mask the investor’s IP address even though the details of the transaction are private. So the use of a given cryptocurrency can be tracked. Here crypticcoin uses TOR IP obfuscation, and consequently, the investor’s IP address does not appear, and there is not anyone who can trace the investor’s activity.

4- Lightning Fast Speeds

There is not anybody who wants to wait for their money. Also, some banks can take up to four days in working to process an international transaction. It provides super-fast speeds in transactions. Also, this is through SPV ( Simple Payment Verification ) technologies. That shows that the investor’s international transactions will be in process in less than a minute. Many cryptocurrencies have not adopted this tech yet. With this tech, crypticcoin will be among the pioneers.

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