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Explain Admob and how to multiply your profits

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Explain Admob

We will be dealing today in a new article explaining Admob and how to profit from it and also strategies to multiply the fields,

and since you read this article about the explanation of Admob you have the idea of smart phone applications

and may be a developer in this field so we will give you the most important information you need to explain Admob.

What is Admob

Admob is a service offered by Google where it is considered an intermediary

between the Advertiser and the owner of the advertisement where it resembles the work principle of Google AdSense

but it is directed to the applications of smartphones,

after creating a specific application the owner of the application register the site Admob

and take the ad code and put it in the special application when any U To use its own application,

you will see ads for the user and the owner of the application will take money in return for clicking on the ad

or the number of ad views and you must notice that the advertisements appear in the applications you use,

and Admob is easier because you do not need to display ad units on the screen and

Choose the size and dimensions like AdSense because this is happening in my place.

How to multiply the profits of Admob

These are the most important tips for doubling profits in Admob:

  • Application price in the App store any price placement for each store in each region

or country according to interest and possibilities and market study

  • Put a demo version of your app for people to try and for a certain period and then put the purchase offer after a certain period.

  • you can Put a demo version with limited features and add buttons to buy other features or services or buy a stand.

  • Put the Delete Ads feature when you purchase the app.

  • If your app has a registration feature to enjoy the services it offers,

put a trial period and then put the possibility of enjoying the services in the physical exchange

and put different registration formulas like for a week at a price and for a month at a lower price and even for a year at a low price.

  • Study users for your app and find out what they care about to develop your app.

  • If you have many apps, you can add a customer’s free app when you buy one of your apps.

  • Study ads that appear to users for apps and any type of ads

that bring more interactivity and that’s what kind of ads should be displayed in your app.






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