Digital currency bitcoin is about one percent higher in corrective operations

Digital currency bitcoin rose Friday by approximately one percent or almost $100 to drive corrective operations in other digital currencies amid lack of liquidity sizes significantly because of the holidays and Christmas celebrations on the eve of new year holidays.

Record high in the price of Digital currency bitcoin

Digital currency bitcoin rose 0.92 percent  levels of $14,602.99 compared to opening levels at $14,436.99 having achieved her top when $15,111.00, while minimum during trading session at $13,998.00.

Digital currency bitcoin is undergoing limited corrective operations following its retreat following reports that South Korean authorities are planning to close digital Forex platforms in their efforts to control the spread of this phenomenon alongside other global governments and that the Korean authorities South will also work to stop opening new accounts for trading on those digital coins.

South Korea’s digital currencies are subject under control

The South Korean authorities also subject any suspicious trades to those digital currencies under the supervision of the competent bodies, and it is reported that Korea south is a major center for digital currency transactions, and in the same vein, the head of the South Korean Financial Regulatory Authority noted that the bubble of bitcoin would Explode later, according to South Korean Yonhap news agency.

Many speculators have delayed recent Digital currency bitcoin declines as profit-taking in preparation for the holiday season, and some experts saw it as a corrective action before the rally was completed. Digital skeptics see these declines as the beginning of a new wave of price declines according to bubble theory Prices which briefly indicate the price rises sharply and unjustified before reaching their peak and begin to collapse.

Allow Bitcoin from trading at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

The Digital currency bitcoin has increased by more than 1,700% during the year 2017, showing its highest levels at $19,666.00 before it is in the middle of current month from those levels following the availability of futures trading on the Chicago Stock Exchange and by the C-M group–that is, in extended corrective operations To lose over the last week alone, more than 30% of its market value.

Digital currency bitcoin
Digital currency bitcoin

Digital currency’s value rise in stock

Other digital currencies have also registered heights, with the exception of Bitcoin, where the Ripple rose by more than 45% to $1.82 levels, as Bitcoin cash rose by about 7% to $2,666 levels and the Ethereum rose by more than 4% to $748 levels, while the classic Ethereum rose by about 3% to Levels of $27.77, while Litecoin by about 1% to $247 levels.

We note that Ripple digital currency today rose for the fourth straight session, unlike other digital currencies is currently the third largest digital currencies in terms of market value indicating the highest ever at $1.84 Ethereum, competing for second place, while still Transaction from retain its position in the lead in terms of market value despite the losses incurred during the recent times.

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