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How to make money on Instagram with Clickbank

How to make money on Instagram with Clickbank

On your Instagram account, you can promote ClickBank products. You’ll get a commission when someone buys from your link. Simply go ahead and create your ClickBank account. Choose any product that suits your account. And share with your account the product link with an image. In the comment section, you can add an affiliate link. We will explain this with some tips to make money on Instagram with Clickbank in detail in the following article.

Make money on Instagram with Clickbank

1- Make your profile stronger.

First of all, you need a tremendous profile to grow. Fill in the bios and use a picture of the profile. Ultimately, the content of the niche must be relevant. Start posting regularly of photos and videos. You need, above all, some real followers. If you naturally grow your followers, it’s better.
Obviously, the method of following / unfollowing works effectively. No more than 7,500 accounts can be followed. Most importantly, Instagram limits any span of time to the number of people that you can follow. Second, post trending pictures and relevant hashtags. There is no official word on the following limits from Instagram. We advise you, however, not to follow more than 200 people a day. You can start after 700 people a day when the account gets old.
Unfollow them all after a period of time. You should get at least 50 followers a day.
Use bots such as ‘ followliker ‘ for the method to follow/unfollow. You can also choose paid followers. Successors bring followers, paid or real.

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2- Find product-specific niches.

Once you’ve got a great IG account, It’s time to find promotional products. It’s time to go to the website of ClickBank. Many products are available across multiple niches. And so many niches are there.
Find and select any product you want. You have to understand what makes them good, though.
First, choose products above 70 gravity.
Second, select products that return $ /sale on a higher average.
Third, take a deep look at the product’s profile. Choose products or businesses to stay here. Look at their records of past sales.

3- Create content for promotion.

See if the pictures we can use for posts are there. Especially when working with Instagram, products with adequate pictures are preferred. If the people themselves have an Instagram profile, check it out. Copy their posting style.
You need an appropriate posting style for your niche. You need to concentrate on hashtags in addition to pictures. Make as many hashtags as possible. Use all the hashtags for which you would like to rank. Because we want to appear in relevant hashtags as the top post.

4- Promoting Instagram.

Short your link to your product affiliate. Start to include the link in your bio right away. Click the link to direct your followers. With attractive emoticons, a simple ‘ Click the link below ‘ will do.
Track how many clicks you get through Also, notice how many sales you receive from these clicks. To perfect your campaign, tracking conversion rates are essential.
You must instruct visitors to always click on the affiliate link. Do not post the link excessively, however.
Whatever niche you’re in, post some photos and connect back to your bio.

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