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How to promote Clickbank products

How to promote Clickbank products, If you want to earn high commissions, you simply have to know the answer to that question.

Of course, Clickbank can make you rich If you know how Clickbank Products can be promoted.

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How to promote Clickbank products

1. How to promote Clickbank products with a website

It makes sense for such promotions, You will either have a website

of your own or at least a place where you face minimum content creation


So, there are two choices now: a free website / a hosted website you start by

purchasing a domain name that is relevant to anything you promote.

After the domain name is sorted, You’re going to have to find a web hosting company and then install WordPress. Then it’s time for fresh content to be filled.

Content such as:

Main pages, a host of articles that revolve around your niche, a product review,

a page that describes how the product differs from the competition,

a couple more pages with detailed and descriptions of those products.

After both the website and content are ready, You can start searching for ways to

promote your website.

This can be started even if the expected content is not yet fully loaded,

But you should have a review page at least.

Your goal is to draw traffic on the ClickBank product you are promoting with

expressed interest.

As traffic continues to increase, You can expect to pick – up sales.

Try to think of products that you have managed to attract to your followers that can

be useful to the existing set of readers.

Promoting your website

Remember that it is only a necessary first step to set up your website.

Your goal is to create a sales platform for you.

There are certain promotional tactics that can work for you:

1- Produce articles.

2- Participate actively in different forums, and always connect to your website with the link.

3- Open a dedicated Facebook account for your site.

4- Participate in other platforms of social media such as Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

5- Create videos on YouTube and connect to either of your websites or the specific products you promote in Clickbank and these videos can also be included on your website.

The trick is to add fresh content on a daily basis to your site.

The above approach should help you with the promotion of your product.

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2- Promoting Clickbank products without a website

A-Register here with ClickBank, Follow the screens you have signed up for and fill in

all the information you have asked, You can start to get affiliate links

once you’re set up.

B- On the top menu bar, click Marketplace to start listing products for you to promote.

C- Choose a category that lists on the left side of the page that

interesting in by you.

D- Select a product you want to promote once you have selected a category.

E- To connect with your affiliate, Click the “Promote” button of your desired product,

but if it is a product not requiring further approval, If you wish, you can simply add a

Tracking ID before the affiliate link is giving to it.

as an example, If you’re creating a Twitter affiliate link, In the Tracking ID box, enter


If you don’t have to put anything there, just push the “Create” button below the

Tracking ID box to get your affiliate link.

When you hit the “Create” button, you will see your “HopLink“– Your affiliate link is

the first URL you will have on this screen.

F- Once you have a “HopLink” or link to your affiliate, To promote this link, you can

copy it and paste it to a bunch of different places.

G- Once there is a link to your affiliate, You’re going to collect money from the

commissions you earned from the few who actually purchased something from your

affiliate link.

Your money will appear in your affiliate account’s “Dashboard” at ClickBank. The link

“Dashboard” is the link button from the top of the second menu.

Once enough commissions have been collected, You can withdraw from what they

have available using the method of your choice.

If you earn nothing, You’ll need to continue to promote your link out there.

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